Global outlook

Global outlook

When we say VistaJet is the first and only global private aviation company, we mean it. Our reach, resource, and perspective help deliver seamless, considered travel for our clients in every corner of the world.
• Over 1,900 airports, 187 countries, and 96% of the world covered
• 50-70 flights per day
• Traveling the equivalent of three return trips to the moon each month

An innovative floating fleet model

Our fleet of over 90 business jets isn’t tied to any one location or region, so neither are our clients. This floating fleet model enables us to put jets on runways around the world in as little as 24 hours.
And with aircraft ranging from super midsize to ultra-long range, our Members access the ideal jet for every journey and passenger requirement.


Range leaders

• Furthest flight north: Svalbard in Norway
• Furthest flight south: Ushuaia in Argentina
• Highest airport visited: Inca Manco Capac in Peru at 12,552 feet (3,862 meters)
• Farthest flight: 6,386 nautical miles (11,819km)
• Longest flight: Singapore to Nice in 13 hours 43 mins

Ever-expanding global resources

We’re constantly investing in our people and infrastructure to service growing demand. Our team of over 1,000 aviation experts is available 24/7 around the globe. They have the knowledge, connections, and communication skills required to coordinate every trip.
• A team featuring over 60 nationalities
• Cabin Hostesses speak 3 languages on average
• Offices in Malta, London, Dubai, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Hong Kong, Nice, and Salzburg

Local service, everywhere

For us, being global isn’t just about geography. It means providing a local service, everywhere.
Our team delivers bespoke touches – like traditional dinner services, children’s entertainment, or pet care – to make each client feel at home, wherever home might be. You’ll be welcomed by our consistent cabin design on every flight too.
“Understanding all the nuances in passenger likes and dislikes is essential for our service.” – Leona Qi, President at VistaJet US.


Taking the lead on sustainability

As a global aviation company, we’re acutely aware of the threats our world faces. We’ve committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025 – some 25 years ahead of the industry standard.
Our Carbon Offset Program, developed alongside sustainability experts, is already benefiting the wellbeing of communities in the countries we fly to.

[Read our sustainability pledge]

Enjoy guaranteed availability, globally

VistaJet Program is a unique product that ensures guaranteed access to our fleet with no positioning costs or asset risk. It offers everything you need to fly globally, with a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle of jet ownership.
If you want to expand your horizons, build your Program and let us take you there.