How to travel safely during COVID-19

As the world works to respond to the evolving situation of COVID-19, VistaJet is committed to working with our clients and community.

Clients are taking comfort in our heightened standards on aircraft cleaning, security, flexibility of travel and privacy, which are not guaranteed by any other type of transport during times of instability.

To safeguard passengers and crew, and to ensure continuity of service, we have taken additional steps along with partners to further strengthen safety and security procedures every day.

Our guide to COVID-19

Dedicated safety

Dedicated Flight Approval and Coordination teams working 24/7 to assess and approve any booking and change requests from a technical, safety and security standpoint. To help reduce the spread of the virus, VistaJet works with leading experts, including Control Risks and Osprey for advice using both human and AI-driven intelligence, while MedAire provides leading medical support on the ground and in the air.


All crew are checked for signs of the virus twice a day and, if there is any doubt as to their health, they will be taken out of service until cleared by a certified professional. Digital thermometers are stocked onboard every VistaJet aircraft to allow crew to register their temperature and immediately report to the Operations team should it be above 37.5°C.

Handshake greetings have been halted, and crew wear protective masks and gloves as required and permitted. They also oversee all aircraft cleaning procedures to ensure they meet or exceed published guidelines.

Enhanced aircraft cleaning

Standard cleaning procedures have been amplified, with all VistaJet aircraft being cleaned with the long-term surface disinfectant Bacoban® after each flight. This product uses a semi-permanent nano layer of silica to release anti-pathogen agents that act against infection over an extended period. Not only is Bacoban® effective against bacteria but is also active against a wide range of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

A full sanitization cycle by an approved agency has also been implemented across all VistaJet aircraft, with further cleaning and treatment carried out as requested by crew should a suspected exposure on board be reported.

Before you fly

VistaJet has introduced new processes to monitor passenger health status. Those who have traveled to/from high risk locations in the last 30 days will be required to complete additional travel documents and a self-declaration. This declaration will be presented to the port of arrival authority and will stand as a legal verification of information from the passenger.

Additionally, prior to boarding, crew may use a digital thermometer to take the temperature of any passenger traveling from an identified hot spot or should they be displaying symptoms of the virus. 

On board

Crew members will ensure that the stock of masks, gloves, sanitizers and cleaning supplies are maintained onboard every VistaJet aircraft.

Breath freely in a safe cabin – all Global 7500 aircraft in the VistaJet fleet have a Pũr Air system*, capturing up to 99.99% of bacteria particles and replacing cabin air in as little as 90 seconds.

Should a passenger start displaying symptoms inflight, crew will contact MedAire immediately for further guidance. As a precautionary measure, should it be determined that a COVID-19 carrier traveled on a VistaJet aircraft, that tail will be temporarily taken out of service, cleaned and evaluated.


VistaJet is working closely with all partners across its supply chain to ensure safe management, delivery and action every day.

Operations teams liaise daily with private jet terminals around the world on bookings and inquiries to safeguard passengers and crew from arrival, through passport control where relevant, and onto the aircraft.

Private Dining specialists have stringent safety protocols in place with preferred catering and restaurant partners. This includes personal hygiene, control processes from storage and preparation to plating and delivery, and all necessary documentation. 

Keeping up to date

VistaJet has been monitoring and adapting to the outbreak since the first cases were reported in late 2019. A number of countries have imposed travel restrictions and details continue to emerge. Teams are working daily with experts and authorities to update standards as the situation evolves.

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