We look after all our guests. Even if they are four-legged.

The VistaJet experience is designed to ensure all passengers feel welcome and relaxed. With one in four VistaJet Members flying with their pet, offering solutions that will care for animals is proving increasingly important. Designed in collaboration with experienced veterinary practitioners, groomers, dieticians and coaches, the VistaPet program recognizes the unique needs and challenges faced when traveling with a pet. From travel bags and sleep mats to balanced menus, travel advice and fear of flying courses, your loyal companion can expect the same excellent support as you.

Pet Ready

The most comfortable journey with a pet starts with a simplified booking service, continues with a happy and uneventful flight, and ends at a pet friendly destination.

VistaPet Pochette

vistapet-pochette.jpgOn board every flight, passengers will receive a VistaPet Pochette - a travel bag containing a collection of items to take care of your pet during and after your flight1.

Bio-organic food from Rockster will provide your pet access to high-quality nutrients in the air or on arrival. The flavorful selection of Random Rewards treats from The Dog House, created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux, is a unique mixture of dog training treats. Kibble Pet’s Travel Care Kit includes water-free shampoos and soothing wipes for salon quality fur care - a perfect way to help your pet relax on board. Rope toys by Furzu will keep your dog entertained throughout the flight.

A balanced menu

vistapet-experience.jpgAll VistaJet Program Members can request a dedicated menu to keep their pet hydrated and healthy2.

We have developed a pet menu comprising of prime cuts of fresh meat and fish. A typical menu could include an entrée of roast tenderloin, baked salmon or roast chicken served with steamed, roasted or raw vegetables and whole grain brown rice. Our Cabin Hostesses will offer natural flower essences which can be mixed with your pet’s drinking water to aid relaxation during the flight.

A safe and soft cabin

The safety of your pet is of the utmost importance. Flying regulations require that animals are kept on their leash or in their travel cage during take-off, landing and any turbulence. Guide dogs are exempt from this requirement.The cage should always be big enough for your pet to feel comfortable in at any time, free to stand up, lie down and turn as they wish. On your aircraft you will also find a handmade Labbvenn sleep mat, so they can sit down near you, wherever you are.

For the fearful ones

Flying with a scared pet can transform a perfect flight into a very long one.

To ensure all passengers enjoy their flight, VistaJet can arrange fear of flying courses for dogs, in partnership with The Dog House3. The four-week course desensitizes your pet to what it could experience during a flight – the smell of fuel, the sounds of jet engines, cabin air pressure and the movements of air turbulence.

Your arrival

Our advisors will notify the local airport team of your arrival so they can support any ground operations related to you and your pet. We will also be happy to help with any requests for a pet-friendly car to take you to your final destination.

Pet destinations

vistapet-minnie.jpgThe VistaPet program makes traveling with your pet seamless, even at destination.

To make your entire trip enjoyable, VistaJet has selected a collection of pet-friendly facilities and partners all around the globe - whether you require a pet hotel in London, the best pet salon in New York or a photography session to capture moments with your pets around the world, just ask us for advice.

We would be happy to help you find pet walkers and trainers, or suggest unforgettable experiences including pet yoga, rafting and surfing.

The world is complex

VistaJet is here to help you. The simplest way to fly with a pet starts with a call to your customer service team. Depending on where you are flying to and from, we may ask you to provide us with some information about the pets that will accompany you on your travels. Typically, we will need to know:

With these simple details at hand, your customer service team will support you with your pet bookings across the world. Unfortunately, there are no standard rules for the transport of pets around the globe. Additionally, not all airports are authorized points of entry for pets into a country. Our team will be able to confirm if your arrival and destination airports accept pets and whether the regulations of those countries make it possible to take your desired route. VistaJet’s customer service team will be able to advise you on which rules and regulations apply to your flight and destination, as well as which documents are needed to visit any country with your pet. While rules for flying with dogs, cats and ferrets tend to be similar across the world, other types of pets will likely be subject to different requirements. VistaJet is here to help make your trip as simple as possible. While for most travelers flying with pets can be a stressful experience, traveling by VistaJet with them is as seamless and easy as possible. To fly anywhere with your pet, ask VistaJet.

1The VistaPet Pochette is available on every VistaJet flight. 2The VistaPet menu can be requested by VistaJet Program Members from selected airports. 3Fear of flying courses for dogs are exclusive to VistaJet Program Members. Costs and availability on application.

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