Two little girls’ own jet

girls jet

Once upon a time, a father was flying with his two young daughters to the islands of Hawaii. Though the destination was amongst the most beautiful in the world, the little girls aboard the flight seemed just as enamored with the big shiny jet itself.

Somehow, the pair got it into their heads that the plane belonged to them — a huge, beautiful toy that would take them to magical, far-flung places whenever they pleased. And our cabin crew were not about to spoil the fun.

When the girls got up to leave the plane, however, they left all their toys and belongings in various spots around the cabin. So, to keep the dream alive, our crew took pictures of where every single item had been left, just so they could perfectly recreate the scene aboard the jet for the return flight. The daughters were thrilled to climb back into their den a week or so later, and find everything exactly where they’d left it — and their giant, gleaming toy ready to transport them on another adventure.

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