Buying vs hiring costs for a small private jet

Are you considering investing in your own small private jet? You’re not alone. Long queues, delayed services and cramped onboard facilities have made commercial air travel an uncomfortable chore – especially if you’re a frequent domestic flyer. Having the option to travel in style and on your own schedule is therefore hard to pass up if the financials work out.

Yet while private air travel has become more accessible over time, the costs associated with new small private jets can still easily run into the tens of millions of pounds. Learn more about the various fees involved with ownership below, how they stack up to charter and membership solutions, and how to find the ideal small private jet cost for you.

How much does a small private jet cost?

The first cost to consider is the purchase fee. New models can come in at several millions of pounds, while even second-hand small private jets for sale involve a significant outlay. Upgrades to your small private jet interior will bump this total up further – and various ongoing factors mean this initial price represents only a fraction of the cost of ownership.

As well as aircraft insurance and fuel for each flight you take, you’ll also need to think about ground costs such as hangar rental while you’re not in the air. Running a small private jet also means paying crew salaries, as well as repositioning costs if you don’t take a return flight.

And like cars, the value of new small private jets can quickly depreciate, while maintenance and repairs don’t come cheap. It’s unlikely that you’ll recoup these costs through resale. But while it’s no surprise that few opt for private ownership, a wealth of rental solutions means a small private jet could still be as good as yours.

How much for small private jet rental?

When it comes to small private jet rental, your two primary options are on-demand chartering and jet club membership. Charter pricing can vary flight by flight – even for identical journeys – due to factors such as repositioning costs and crew wait time. If you plan to fly regularly, be it for business or pleasure, a solution such as VistaJet’s Program membership could offer the best value and convenience.

Membership offers you guaranteed small private jet availability at short notice. With VistaJet, that means you can fly globally as little as 24 hours after booking, suiting even the most flexible of schedules.

Your total small private jet cost amounts simply to the hours you spend in the air and none of the others described above regarding ownership. One-way pricing means you won’t need to cover repositioning costs, while a fixed hourly rate provides full transparency upfront.

There is still an upfront fee to cover as you’ll pay for an allocation of flight hours based on your typical travel habits. But rest assured this won’t come close to that associated with buying new small private jets outright.

Compared to ownership, chartering a small private jet can provide an inconsistent flight experience, especially if switching between different providers. Yet Program membership allows you to guarantee the same standards of aircraft, crew and in-flight comforts every time – affording you all the luxuries of small private jet ownership at a fraction of the cost.

Find the best value small private jet solution for you

Ultimately, it’s worth doing some research to find the best value private air travel solution for you. Consulting our handy cost calculator can help you compare the cost of hiring against buying your own small private jet based on the estimated number of hours you fly per year.

If you have any questions about Program membership or our iconic fleet, feel free to contact our helpful UK team today in a way that suits you.

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