Reopening the world

The world is reopening. Fly safe.

This time last year, we were delighted to start the summer holiday season with many of our Members traveling to some of Europe’s most popular destinations. For this year, under new government guidelines, entry restrictions have now broadly been lifted* for many destinations.

Here are the top ten European destinations to travel to this summer as selected by our Members.

1. Nice

Nice offers a perfect blend of a calming seaside with the vibrancy of a cosmopolitan city. The Southeastern French town, built on the seashore, basks in the warm Mediterranean climate and offers culture, museums and galleries aplenty. As one the best transportation hubs in Europe, Nice offers easy and unrivalled access, including Monaco and the Corniche.

2. Cannes

Cannes is the place to experience the glamour and tranquility of the French Riviera. With one of the most famed marinas in France, life in Cannes revolves around its harbor and its stunning views. Synonymous with A-listers and the iconic film festival, Cannes hosts beautiful beaches, boutiques and a trendy night life.

3. Sardinia

Undoubtedly known for its turquoise blue waters and exquisite beaches, Sardinia’s rugged coastlines offer a private retreat among stunning scenery. The island’s inlands offer just as much beauty, with forested mountains, valleys and Neolithic sites nestled within. Boasting sophistication and medieval charm, Sardinia offers the most iconic take of the Mediterranean island experience.

4. Naples

Naples is a vibrant and chaotic city, full of wonderful historical, artistic treasures and narrow, winding streets. With countless generations of culinary know-how, the city has some of the best cuisine, including Pizza, one of Italy’s most famous foods. With its close proximity to Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, and Capri a mere boat ride away, Naples is a great base for exploring.

5. Ibiza

Ibiza is surely the renowned home of the most famous DJ residences, spinning tunes until the sun goes down at the legendary clubs. Away from the late-night life though, there is a quiet side to the island. Blessed with sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, alluring coves and exquisite sunsets, Ibiza is a paradise to explore.

6. Mallorca

Off the Eastern coast of Spain and located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Featuring beautiful architecture, a stunning coastline lined with yachts and sailboats, and delicious fresh seafood, the island offers everything for a tranquil getaway.

7. Florence

Sitting amid Tuscany’s rolling hills, Florence is a city with a rich cultural life and the birthplace of the Renaissance. Filled with towering cathedrals and exquisite art, Florence is one of Italy’s most enchanting cities. Enjoy the food, fashion and explore the street markets before taking in the stunning landscapes surrounding the city.

8. Mykonos

Most people would know Mykonos for its wonderful beaches, charming whitewashed buildings, and vibrant nightlife. Head for the picturesque waterside area of Little Venice, search for the windmills and spend hours exploring the boutiques, art galleries and eateries. While there, sail to the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site of Delos.

9. Athens

Take a step in history: remnants of Ancient Greece are visible from almost every part of the Athens. Starting from the magnificent Acropolis, observe the recent city transformation making it a popular destination that marries archeological sites with contemporary cultural attractions. Not far from the busy city center is also a coastline of beach resorts to relax under the blissful Mediterranean sun.

10. Malta

Sitting on a small archipelago consisting of three islands — Malta, Gozo and Comino — this country is blessed with an array of harbors, sandy and rocky beaches, and beautiful sheltered coves. Known as the ‘Capital of Culture’, Malta also offers an abundance of architectural and historical sites, with plenty more hidden treasures to discover across the islands.

VistaJet has taken every precaution to ensure that you and those traveling with you have the hightest levels of safety.

Our global operations team are ready to make your summer plans possible, book a flight today.

* Please note that travel restrictions, including to the above destinations, may be amended or re-imposed at any time and with little or no notice. Such restrictions may affect passengers or VistaJet as a carrier. Our teams are working daily with experts and authorities to update standards as requirements evolve.

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