5 of the most spectacular views from luxury private jets

Do you need a little travel inspiration for your next holiday? Deciding where to head on your luxury jet rental? It’s fair to say the world is full of breath-takingly beautiful scenery, from vast mountain ranges to tropical rainforests and deep blue oceans. And what better way to see it than from the air?

Many travellers think of flights simply as a way to get from A to B, but we think they’re much more than that. They’re an experience. So, if your heading off on holiday let the exploration begin before you land by enjoying the views from the sky. Here are some of the very best views from luxury private jets.

The Alps

If you’re a fan of alpine scenery, then this is the view for you. Sitting entirely in Europe, this magnificent mountain range spans eight countries, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. As you fly high above the mountain peaks onboard your luxury jet, you’ll see snowy tops, vast lakes, glistening glaciers and deep valleys. Depending on the route of your plane, you may spot the most famous mountain – Mont Blanc – the highest peak in Europe.

Cape Town

If you’re heading into Cape Town International Airport on one of our luxury private jets, you’re in for a treat. As you approach this famous port city on Africa’s southern coast, you’ll be welcomed by spectacular views, no matter which angle you arrive from. Table Mountain is the showstopper here. If you fly into Cape Town from the north, you’ll see the beautiful Table Bay – where the ocean meets the city. From the south, you’re likely to fly over False Bay, where you’ll see beautiful blue waters, a sandy shoreline and the green mountain tops.

Great Barrier Reef

As the largest coral reef system on the planet, The Great Barrier Reef truly is a spectacular sight to behold. Sitting off the coast of Queensland in Australia, is spans over 2,000 kilometres and is made up of thousands of reef systems and over 900 islands. If you’re lucky enough to fly over the reef in a luxury jet, you’ll see the sparkling bright blue and turquoise waters of the Coral Sea and it’s jigsaw of reefs. As you follow the coastline, you’ll also spot the white sands of the beaches along the east coast which are equally as impressive.

Rocky Mountains

This massive mountain range sits in North America and stretches over 3,000 km from Canada to New Mexico. The landscape is rich and diverse, from the snow-capped mountains in the Canadian Rockies to the volcanic Yellowstone region, where black bears and wolves roam the wilderness. Those flying high above the peaks in a luxury jet will enjoy awe-inspiring mountain views of as far as the eye can see. In the northern regions, you are more likely to see a bright white expanse of snowy mountains, while further south you can expect green and sandy red scenery as the environment changes.


This iconic city in the United Arab Emirates is world-renowned for its modern skyscrapers and architecture, notably the Burj Khalifa and the iconic Palm Jumeirah. Sat on the Persian Gulf, it also offers spectacular views over the water and impressive beaches. We think luxury private jet travel is one of the best ways to take in the skyline in all its glory. Of course, the view you get will depend on the direction the plane is travelling and the weather conditions on the day – for the best chance it’s wise to fly in during day light hours.

Want to start exploring some of these amazing locations on a luxury jet? Hire a private plane with us to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. We are truly global, flying to 187 countries across the world, making us one of the most renowned luxury private jet companies in the industry. To book your private plane, don’t hesitate to get in touch or request a quote and we’ll happily assist.

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