How to leverage your LinkedIn profile for personal branding on the go

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 720 million users in more than 200 countries, making it the biggest professional networking platform in the world? With so many companies, entrepreneurs and businesspeople making their mark on the site, it’s fair to say it’s a hugely powerful tool. It can help you build strong relationships, recruit new employees, share business updates and more.

However, creating an effective personal LinkedIn strategy is not always an easy task – particularly for busy professionals with hectic schedules. If it often proves difficult to find time to work on your LinkedIn personal branding, rest assured it can be done on the go.

Here, we explore how you can build a strong presence on LinkedIn from your phone or laptop, whether you have 10 minutes spare on your private aircraft or 15 minutes waiting to board in the airport lounge.

How to make a good LinkedIn profile

Whether you’re new to the world of LinkedIn or you simply want to improve your existing account, one of the key things to focus on is creating a strong and engaging profile. This can position you as a leader in your industry, helping to attract business opportunities and potential partners and colleagues. You should use a good-quality, professional picture and create an engaging headline and summary that clearly describes what you do. Your personal brand statement on LinkedIn should be interesting and to-the-point, accurately describing some of your best achievements to date, as well as future goals or business visions that may appeal to your network.

Don’t forget to include your key skills, previous jobs that are relevant and any education you’ve undertaken that’s important in your industry – like a degree or accreditation. As part of your personal LinkedIn strategy, you may also want to optimise your URL to make it easier for professionals to find you on the platform, for example including your full name. All of this can be done quickly and easily on your smartphone while you’re commuting between meetings. Remember, these things don’t have to be completed in one sitting – you could tick one task off your list each day to take your profile from strength to strength.

How to build a network on LinkedIn

Once you’ve optimised your profile, you need to turn your attention to how to build your network on LinkedIn. A strong network of professionals can uncover an almost endless number of business opportunities, from gaining invites to industry events and boosting your personal PR to keeping lines of communication open with clients. The important thing to remember here is that you should concentrate on making smart connections, rather than aiming for sheer volume. The first step is to connect with individuals you already know, such as your existing colleagues, clients and business partners. This can be done quickly and easily using the search function on the platform.

After this, you could reach out to people you studied with at school, college or university. For instance, you may want to build a network of individuals that took the same degree and followed a similar career path, as they may unlock future business opportunities later down the line. You can also find great connections through LinkedIn groups. There are a huge number of them on the platform, so you could start by joining groups full of professionals in your industry, by searching for key terms that are relevant to your sector. Building a strong community this way can help you to network regionally, nationally and internationally, which is ultimately good for your LinkedIn personal branding.

What to post on LinkedIn while on the go

After you’ve optimised your personal brand statement on LinkedIn and built a strong network, you can focus on posting, messaging and engaging with other professionals. You don’t need to spend hours on the platform each day to effectively engage with your community – instead choose quality over quantity. There are plenty of different types of high-quality content you can post quickly while you’re on the go, like sharing the latest trends from your industry or tips that will position you as an expert in your field.

You can also work on your LinkedIn personal branding by sharing your successes or recent accomplishments, such as projects you’ve been working on. By letting people know that you’re doing well at work, you may help to unlock future opportunities or engage potential new employers. You might also want to share any bright ideas you have or predictions for your industry that’ll position you as a thought-leader in your community.

Perfecting your personal LinkedIn strategy may take some time, but rest assured it can be done over an extended period by using 10- or 20-minute windows in your day. We understand that as a businessperson, it’s likely you have a hectic schedule and are trying to juggle many different work commitments. We also know that you need to make the most of every minute of your time, particularly if you’re always on the go - which is why we strive to create a peaceful working environment onboard our private aircraft.

If you’re heading on a business trip and are keen to optimise your profile or share interesting insights during your journey, you’ll be happy to hear that you can do just that onboard our jets. Thanks to our spacious facilities, onboard WiFi and quiet meeting rooms, you can catch up on networking, share posts or update your profile while in the air.

To book your next business trip on one of our luxury private planes, get in touch with our team. They’ll be happy to arrange your journey.

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