Global 7500

The most anticipated aircraft in the industry has arrived in the VistaJet fleet.

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You can now access this private flagship with VistaJet Program membership, amongst a host of other benefits. But what makes the VistaJet Global 7500 the industry flagship?

Speed and range

The Global 7500 is both the fastest choice as well as having the longest range. With a fast cruise speed of Mach .925 and a maximum range of 7,700 nautical miles. That’s over an 8% decrease in travel time and depending on your flight, that could mean flights that are hours shorter.

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Natural light beyond comparison

With 80% larger windows versus the Global 6000 and the unique Soleil lighting system, the Global 7500 creates an experience without competition. in addition to the enhanced natural light and viewing angles, the new Soleil dynamic daylight simulation technology automatically adjusts cabin lighting to synchronize your circadian rhythm to the time of your destination, reducing jetlag.


An aircraft to transform the industry

Acheiving an average speed record of Mach .925 and a new range record of 7,700 miles, the Global 7500 is an outlier. It is setting the new standard for what it takes to be considered a top-tier aircraft for international travelers and business executives.

The new GE Passport engines powering the Global 7500 produce less noise and fuel consumption, and the high-speed transonic wing cuts down on drag, further reducing fuel burn and emissions.

Why choose VistaJet over ownership?

Enjoy flying

Owning an aircraft is often the dream, but after coordinating between crew, scheduling maintenance, and managing logistics, it can become become a second profession. It can also put a hard‑limit on the amenities, efficiency, and convenience available to your flight operation.

The asset-light option

By becoming a VistaJet Member, you ensure your access to the very best the industry has to offer, while only paying for time spent in the air. Avoiding any depreciation with full or fractional ownership, as well as up‑front costs.

Sustainability credentials

VistaJet has comitted to being fully carbon neutral across its entire business by 2025. What does this mean for you? You can be assured that by flying with VistaJet, you are making a meaningful global impact. Find out more

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