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Thomas Flohr discusses the VistaJet approach to COVID-19

With COVID-19 causing substantial human and economic damage around the world, I believe that we all need to use our resources wherever possible to respond with positive actions.

Like many industries, there is no doubt that aviation has been hit extremely hard, with commercial airlines being grounded and news of business jet operators reducing their fleets, laying off staff and retreating from some of their operating regions.

I do not think this is the right course of action to take.

I strongly believe that business aviation is as vital now as it ever has been and that once more restrictions are lifted, our global network will be even more vital to support businesses and the global economy. As I discussed recently with CNBC the wider private aviation industry is also in a key position to help commercial operations restart when restrictions are lifted.

That is why VistaJet is continuing to invest in our infrastructure and our people.

At the beginning of April, VistaJet took delivery of our first Global 7500, with more to come later this year. We will be the first to offer this revolutionary aircraft to the commercial marketplace, allowing more people to access even more of the world, in the greatest comfort, on the fastest and longest range jet available today.

Unlike some of our competitors, I am proud to say that VistaJet has not made any redundancies during this pandemic. Our team consists of 1,000 leading aviation experts who are here to serve customers today, during which managing operations are even more technically challenging, and tomorrow. Their knowledge and experience is as important to the quality of our flights as the aircraft themselves and I would not want to lose them under any circumstances.

In our 16 years of operations, VistaJet has weathered many global and regional economic storms and each time, we have emerged a stronger company. This time is not any different.

The world is still open for essential flights, and we believe our members businesses are vital to restarting the global economy for everyone.

I hope other companies will follow us in supporting their staff, their customers and the communities at large at this critical time.

Should you require our services, our team is available 24/7 to discuss your upcoming schedule and find a safe solution.

Our entire network is committed to you, anytime, anywhere.

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