What is bleisure travel and where to enjoy it

An emerging concept, the bleisure trend has expanded the possibilities within the travel and tourism industries. With the focus shifting from conventional corporate travel to offering business travellers the opportunity of leisure activities, the bleisure market is booming.

As world leaders in corporate travel, we understand the need for some downtime during business trips. Taking advantage of the bleisure trend is the best way to see the world and reach your corporate goals.

We have compiled our definitive guide on what bleisure travel is to help you see the world on your next business trip.

Bleisure definition

An effortless combination of corporate and personal travel experiences, bleisure travel is the meeting point between business and leisure. In most circumstances, a bleisure trip involves extending the duration of a business trip to enjoy leisure activities.

Also referred to as a ‘bizcation’, bleisure trips often involve sightseeing, sports, entertainment and relaxation. With many corporate leaders and entrepreneurs scaling their business globally, bleisure tourism offers the perfect opportunity to see the world as you grow your business.

There are myriad benefits to both the bleisure traveller and their corporation. Travel can boost morale and reduce stress, which in turn leads to feeling happier and more productive. It also benefits the travel industry and the local economy in markets you either trade in or hope to trade in.

The bleisure traveller

Understanding who the bleisure tourist is has been vital for the travel and tourism industry. As corporate globalism continues to grow, a wide range of businesses are adapting their offering to satisfy the desires of the bleisure traveller.

A study conducted by Luth Research found that nearly 70% of business travellers travelled on behalf of their companies once a quarter, typically for industries such as technology, manufacturing, healthcare and public administration.

Overwhelmingly, of the participants surveyed, millennial business travellers where more likely to engage in bleisure tourism. However, many bleisure travellers are reluctant to share the leisure experiences they enjoy on business trips. Most felt the need to downplay personal activities to their employer.

Bleisure travel wants

Top of the list for bleisure travel, is an exciting destination. Corporate travellers are much more likely to extend their business trips if they are flying somewhere fascinating. Entertainment, cultural experiences, festivals and sporting events all add to the excitement for bleisure travellers.

Timing is also key for corporate travellers. Business trips that were close to weekends or spanned weekends are much more desirable for bleisure tourism. They give bleisure travellers an opportunity to explore the world without using annual leave days.

Additionally, bleisure travellers are looking for services that make bleisure easy and flexible. This includes adaptable transportation plans, should they need to shorten or extend their trip at short notice.

A well-equipped bleisure hotel is also important. Bleisure tourists often seek out accommodation with fast and reliable internet, 24-hour services and leisure facilities such as gyms, spas and pools.

Bleisure destinations

Unsurprisingly, the bleisure trend is booming in global business hub destinations. Access to entertainment, sights and cultural experiences in these locations make them ideal for the bleisure traveller.


The tech giants that dominate Silicon Valley draw business travellers from across the globe. This has boosted Northern California’s bleisure tourism industry. Silicon Valley provides easy access to the cultural delights of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

San Francisco’s MoMa, historic neighbourhoods and sporting events are all primed to take advantage of the bleisure industry. While nearby Napa Valley and Sonoma offer a chance to relax and unwind in the heart of California’s wine country.


Singapore has blossomed into one of Asia’s most important corporate destinations in recent decades. The port city boasts a year-round tropical climate and a wealth of sights and cultural experiences to wow any bleisure tourist.

Singapore is renowned for its street food scene, botanical gardens and innovative architecture, all of which draw business and leisure travellers in droves.


A desert playground for international travellers, Dubai also boasts a thriving business hub that draws worldwide business leaders to the dazzling emirate. Bleisure travellers can take advantage of thrilling adventures into the desert, dine at Michelin-star restaurants and shop for luxury fashion at the world’s biggest malls.

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