Luxury Cacao Experience

Luxury Cacao Experience in Ecuador

Throughout 2024

This is part of our Private World Experiences

Curated by TheCacauClub under the expertise of Rosario Brandao, embark on a three-day sensory journey through the Amazon rainforest, exploring exclusive cacao plantations nestled within the pristine rainforest, where expert guides unveil the secrets of premium chocolate production.



Day 1: Guayaquil

Visit a distinguished cacao hacienda to delve into the entire bean-to-bar process. Enjoy a delightful lunch on-site, followed by a hands-on chocolate-making session with Chef Daniel Ampuero.

Day 2: Quito

Morning: Sensory experience at a local market with a Michelin-starred chef.

Afternoon: Lunch at the chef’s restaurant, incorporating cacao and chocolate in every dish. Visit and lean the art of tasting at Toak office.

Day 3: Mashpi Lodge

Fly by helicopter to Mashpi Lodge for an immersive experience in a natural cacao reserve, offering nature exploration, hiking, and spa treatments with cocao-infused therapies.