VistaJet extends global leadership in business aviation


VistaJet, the leading global business aviation company, announced it has extended its global market leadership by adding 10 new aircraft in Q1 2015. The expanded fleet sees an increase in its VistaJet U.S. portfolio to include service on Challenger 350 aircraft, licensed air carrier to be appointed, in addition to its current U.S. registered Global 5000 aircraft that are managed and operated by Jet Aviation Flight Services. VistaJet will introduce up to 10 new Challenger 350 aircraft into the U.S. over the next two years. From May 11 to 16 company executives will embark on a multi-city Challenger 350 static tour, with stops in New York City, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

VistaJet continues to meet above market levels of sustained demand driven by our growing reputation for exceptional aircraft and unrivaled service quality, whilst eliminating for our clients the burden of asset investment. This expanded service offering is consistent with our proven strategy of connecting our customers to every corner of the world.

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman of VistaJet

Following the successful roll out of the Challenger 350 aircraft in the rest of the world, VistaJet clients flying between destinations within the U.S. will now be able to select from the highly customized Challenger 350 jet, which can fly for up to 7.5 hours, or the ultra long range Global 5000 aircraft, which can fly up to 11 hours.

Featuring a jump seat for the Cabin Hostess – VistaJet is the only operator with a Cabin Hostess on every flight – and cabin divider door, VistaJet’s Challenger 350 aircraft configuration mirrors the high standard and privacy of its larger counterparts within the fleet. The Challenger 350 jet is equipped with the industry’s latest and among the most sophisticated cabin management systems, including in-flight Wi-Fi, a modern business suite and trim panel speakers for the ultimate in-flight sound.

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