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While private aviation has continued to see an influx of new customers, the impact of the COVID-19 has been severe for many international luxury travel and hospitality businesses.

Linking different segments of the luxury travel, hospitality and leisure sector is widely seen as a key component to further the recovery from the impact caused by COVID-19. New research from VistaJet in association with Barton, the high-net-worth insight consultants, demonstrates the far-ranging value placed on partnerships by leading businesses in the sector.

Many businesses are already innovating to rethink their operational and commercial strategies – 94.4% having taken or are planning action to innovate their customer service and experience protocols, and 62.3% of businesses have already introduced new offerings, products or services, with increased digital services and more personalized concierge offerings being particularly in-demand.

As businesses look ahead, it is clear that a majority of industry leaders are looking to collaborative partnerships outside of their core business, to help mitigate the negative impact of travel restrictions and ensure their clients continue to experience unparalleled end-to-end service throughout their journey.

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