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The Cabin Concept

Feel at home anywhere in our upgraded cabins

To fly with VistaJet is to feel at home, in surroundings you know and trust.

Inspired by the new Global 7500, VistaJet is bringing the new design concept to every aircraft in the fleet. This evolution enhances the reassuring sense of familiarity that Program Members expect each time they step onboard their aircraft.

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Experience elevated

The Global 7500 represents a new dawn for private aviation and is the catalyst for a whole new fleet upgrade. Its interior style is both sharp and welcoming, with formal grey tones alongside energetic sparks of color. Developed by the VistaJet design team, the cabin concept is intentionally universal — and translates seamlessly across the globe.

Wherever our Members are traveling to and from, they know what they love awaits them on the runway. With regular additions such as new wines to sample, books to relax with, and games to engage in, we ensure there’s something fresh to enjoy on every flight.

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"We aim to make every passenger feel better than they did at the start of their flight"

Matteo Atti, Chief Marketing Officer, VistaJet

The VistaJet Cabin
The VistaJet Cabin

Smart Materials

All the materials used in the cabin are chosen through careful consideration and research. The nature of VistaJet’s global services subjects the fleet to extreme weather conditions and temperature variations, making high performance a priority.

Therefore, all materials must pass rigorous safety standards while providing maximum comfort for our Members. Responsibly sourced and durable, these choices will embody our timeless design scheme for years to come.

Imagine stepping on board a VistaJet flight. Underfoot is a firm but cushioned high-pile carpet, while ergonomically designed seats are dressed in buttery Italian leather. Alpaca fiber throws and brushed cotton pajamas are soft to the skin and offer comfort with no threat of irritation. Cabin walls are adorned with smooth leather, enveloping you in a warm embrace.

Sustainability in aviation

Carbon neutral by 2025

Every detail makes a difference to our sustainability target. We have removed over 90% of single-use items on board and replaced them with sustainable alternatives, including bamboo toothbrushes and biodegradable packaging.

VistaJet has also used porcelain and crystalware for many years for an enhanced experience and to reduce waste.

Discover our Sustainability Pledge

VistaJet Amenities

Form with function

Our cabin concept is driven by purpose and even inside the Global 7500, the largest cabin in private aviation, nothing is superfluous. From the number of seats to their configuration, each detail is designed to adapt to each flight’s unique requirements.

There are distinct spaces to work, socialize and enjoy privacy. Members can dine with their family or hold conference calls with their colleagues. Carefully selected products and toiletries naturally complement every moment. If there are any specific features or products that could elevate the home-from-home feeling even further, all they need to do is ask.

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Experience our elevated interiors

Business, family, life — so much of our days are unpredictable. But for our Program Members, VistaJet is one of their constants — and familiar cabin design is key to feeling at ease when traveling around the globe regularly.

To experience a cabin interior designed around you through a Program Membership or a private jet charter, complete our contact form below.

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