Optimize my trip: How to plan a weekend getaway

Are you an entrepreneur with a hectic schedule? Or perhaps you are a busy working parent that always seems to be needed in three different places at once? If so, there is no doubt that you take every opportunity that you can to relax. If you have the chance to take a 48-hour break soon, you will no doubt find this guide extremely useful. Not only will we help you to decide where to go for your weekend away, we will also remind you of all the important things to plan for a holiday that you may have forgotten.

Choose the ideal short-haul destination

Whether you’d like to swap the chaos of New York for a weekend of palm trees and pretty scenery in Florida, or leave L.A. for a well-deserved breather in San Diego, ensure that you choose the perfect short-haul destination for the experience that you’ve been daydreaming about. Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, New Orleans and St. Louis are only a fraction of the incredible locations you can make your way to in the U.S. – each one of them magical in their own way.

Plan in advance

There is nothing worse than arriving at a restaurant you have dreamed of dining at, only to be told they are fully booked. Because you’ve got such a short timeframe while you’re away, it’s essential that you make all your breakfast, lunch and dinner reservations in advance to guarantee your table – especially if the venues have been on your must-see list for some time. And of course, make sure that you request the best seats in the house.

Pack the necessities

Will you be strolling along various different sidewalks for miles on your weekend away? Or will you simply be unwinding by the pool, doing nothing more than sipping an ice-cold alcoholic drink? Packing for a weekend away can prove difficult, and often you will find yourself with either too much, or too little. Once you have picked your destination, pack for the activities you will be doing. Whether that’s comfortable walking shoes and light clothes, or swimwear and sandals, ensure you have got everything you need.

Take a private jet

When you are pushed for time, one of the easiest ways to get where you need to be – whenever you need to be there – is to travel by private jet. There are so many benefits to flying this way, especially when you choose to travel with VistaJet. We own and operate the world's largest Bombardier private jet fleet, and every journey is tailored to ensure that you receive an unforgettable experience.

It doesn’t have to be stressful to rent a plane a plane for the weekend. In fact, we couldn’t make it any easier. Flying to almost every corner of the globe, we can make your experience as convenient as possible. With our Program membership, we can fly you across the U.S. in as little as 24 hours’ notice. When you’re up in the air, all you’ll need to do is sit back, unwind in one of our plush leather seats and enjoy our private dining selection.

We want to help you arrange the perfect journey. If you have any questions about your trip, or would like to speak to our team about where to go for your weekend away, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have flown passengers to over to over 96% of the globe, so wherever you’d like to go for your next weekend getaway, ensure that you arrive in style with VistaJet.

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