The Record Breaking Global 7500

VistaJet is the first company to have the Global 7500 aircraft and over the course of the next two years plans to add up to 12 Global 7500 aircrafts to the fleet.

The ground-breaking jet has the longest range, speed and the largest cabin compared to other private jets around the world. The infographic below shows the impressive capabilities of the Global 7500 jet including performance, the cabin and flight service.Global-7500-info


4273 laps of Circuit de Monaco

The Global 7500 has a record-breaking range of 14,260km (7,700 nautical miles) compared to 13,640km of the Gulfstream G650er and 11,714km range of the Dassault Falcon 8X. This range would mean the aircraft could go round the F1 track Circuit de Monaco 4273 times, whereas a single F1 race around in Monaco is only 78 laps.

The aircraft can fly for 17 hours without a fuel stop, meaning trips such as New York to Bangkok or Los Angeles to Singapore are well within its range.

Global 7500 is 3x the speed of a F1 car

A max speed of .925 Mach (708mph) is equivalent to three times the speed of an F1 car. The two GE Passport engines of the Global 7500 produces a total of 37,840 lbf of thrust enabling the aircraft to hit a record speed in its industry and passengers getting to their destination quicker than ever.

Flying 18 times higher than the Burj Khalifa

Why does flying high matter? The higher the aircraft flies the thinner the air is which means the aircraft will not only move faster but it will be more economical as it burns less fuel, and the ride will be smoother for the passenger with less turbulence.

A commercial jet flight cruises at an altitude of 35,000ft, where the Global 7500 jet has the ability to fly at a maximum altitude of 51,000ft, which is 1.75x the altitude of Mount Everest or 18x higher than the Burj Khalifa.


The Global 7500 cabin is spacious and larger than competing models, seating 14 passengers and has four living areas across its 54.5ft cabin.

The living areas include a permanent double bed, dining space, 4K TV and a separate suite for the cabin crew. VistaJet provide passengers with a home from home while they are in the air on route to their destination, with the suites being easily transitional from day to night spaces.

Natural Light, Fresh Air and Comfort

Natural light is in abundance while travelling on the Global 7500 as the window is 80% larger than the Global 6000 model. The aircraft is also equipped with the Soleil lighting system enabling passengers to combat jetlag as the system mimics the destinations time zone.

The revolutionary Nuage seat offers a deep recline, a floating base and a tilted headrest to ensure ultimate comfort on-board. While the Pũr Air system provides the cabin with 100% fresh air every two minutes, unlike a home office which will only have fresh air every 30 minutes.

While passengers enjoy their Global 7500 journey, the British Butler institute trained hostesses will be on hand to provide high quality service throughout the flight.

Vistajet have added the Global 7500 to their fleet of over 70 aircrafts. The VistaJet membership offers 24/7 access to the fleet and the private jet cost calculator tool can analyse the membership value to existing private jet solutions to see if it is the cost saving choice for you.

Alternatively, the empty leg flights can help save up to 75%, with the pre-defined departures and destinations giving customers the best value option to fly VistaJet.

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