Private Jet San Diego to Phoenix

Whether you're visiting San Diego for much-needed time away with the family or concluding a business deal in downtown Phoenix, you'll be wanting to arrive rested and ready to tackle your plans.

Flying privately from San Diego to Phoenix or vice versa is the only way to enjoy travel with no distraction and unrivalled comfort. And VistaJet offers you just that because we work tirelessly to ensure your upcoming flight meets your needs no matter where you're going in the world.

Learn more about our private jet flights below or take a look at an interview with our CMO to see why VistaJet is the best choice for your private aviation needs. Get in touch with our team today to start booking your private jet flight from San Diego to Phoenix or vice versa.

Where can I fly into San Diego?

San Diego International

Brown Field Municipal

Montgomery Field

Gillespie Field

Sights to see in San Diego

San Diego Air & Space Museum

San Diego Zoo

SeaWorld San Diego

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

What events are on in San Diego?

San Diego Restaurant Week – pick a restaurant in any neighbourhood and enjoy al fresco dining in sunshine or under the stars.

San Diego County Fair – competitive exhibitions, funfair rides, lip-smackin' organic food, live entertainment – you won't be bored!

Del Mar Racing Season – venue of a fabled two-horse race won by Seabiscuit in 1938, the turf meets surf racing event has summer and fall/winter seasons.

San Diego Comic-Con – after 50-plus years nowhere else does it bigger or better which is why comic book fans and stars flock to this annual event.

Where can I fly into Phoenix?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International

Mesa Gateway

Phoenix Deer Valley

Phoenix Goodyear

Sights to see in Phoenix

Camelback Mountain

Papago Park

Desert Botanical Garden

Phoenix Zoo

What events are on in Phoenix

PGA Tour Champions Charles Schwab Cup Championship – past winners include Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson, so this season's end golf tournament for the over 50s isn't for has-beens.

NASCAR Championship Weekend – the hottest ticket in town is the stock car season finale.

Arizona State Fair – amusement rides, food stalls, and live acts attract over a million people every year.

Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival – other modes of faster flight are available, but none are as colourful or spectacular.

Can I book private jet flights from San Diego to Phoenix?

As the world's first and only truly global aviation company, we can take you to locations around the world. To date, we've flown clients to 96% of the countries on Earth, including some of the most remote locations, so taking you on a private jet from Phoenix to San Diego or vice versa on the silver and red fleet will be simple.

And the booking process is simple for you too. Just tell our team of aviation specialists where you want to go, and your specific cabin requirements, and we'll build a flight package that offers you the ultimate cabin experience.

Get in touch with us today to start booking your private jet charter from San Diego to Phoenix.

How much do private jet flights from San Diego to Phoenix cost?

We always build value-driven flight packages that never compromise on luxury, but the specific cost of your private jet flight from San Diego to Phoenix or vice versa will depend on itinerary-specific requirements. These include jet type, number of passengers, and any extra requests you've made.

We always recommend becoming a member to get the best value when you fly and have two options available.

The first is the VJ25 membership, which gives you 25-49 hours of flight time every year, for three years. Your prices remain fixed during this membership, and you can request that up to 20% of your unused flight time is carried over to the following year. Alternatively, become a Program Member to experience the feeling of owning a private jet without paying the maintenance fees or hefty upfront costs. You can request a flight to wherever you are in the world with just 24 hours' notice using this membership.

Use our cost calculator today to see how much a VistaJet private flight from San Diego to Phoenix could cost compared to your current aviation solution.

Can I get empty leg flights from San Diego to Phoenix?

Yes, you can. Our empty leg offering can take you to locations across the globe but will depend on where other clients have requested a private jet to. We aim to fill these unoccupied return flights by offering you cheaper fares for empty leg travel, so you get better prices and we can operate more sustainably.

Empty leg flights are just one part of our sustainability plan to become carbon neutral by 2025. We want to offer a more sustainable way to travel privately, so you get the same comfort and convenience but without worrying about the effects on the environment.

Become a VistaJet member today

We've served the aviation industry for nearly 20 years and understand the needs of our clients. This has led to us building two bespoke memberships that make travelling the globe simpler.

Our Program membership offers you the closest thing to private jet ownership without the initial investment, maintenance fees, or worry of asset depreciation. We can tailor this membership to your specific needs and you can request a jet to anywhere in the world with just 24 hours' notice required.

Alternatively, you can become a VJ25 Member and get 25-49 hours of flight time every year, for three years. This is the ideal solution for low-frequency fliers who require the best service when they travel. Prices for your flights remain fixed throughout your membership too, giving you full transparency on your private jet costs.

If you require a membership even more bespoke for your upcoming private jet flight between San Diego and Phoenix, then we can help. Get in touch with our team now and we'll do our best to assist you.

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