Private Jet Flights NYC to Miami Florida

This iconic coastal city of Miami is synonymous with luxurious living. Spend your days lounging on white-sand beaches, relaxing in spas and shopping; or – if you like more active downtime – sailing sparkling, turquoise waters or playing golf. Then hit Miami’s many clubs, bars, and VIP lounges during the night.

As it’s a thriving economic hub, you could be visiting Miami for business as well as leisure. Regardless of the reason for your journey from New York, travel to Miami on a private jet for a superlative blend of comfort and style. Whatever your needs, leave it to our meticulous crew to see to your satisfaction as you soar down the Atlantic coast quickly and conveniently.

Can I book a private jet from NYC to Miami, Florida with VistaJet?

Yes. VistaJet has pioneered a new way to fly, opening up private aviation worldwide.

We offer over 70 private jets to let you get in and out of destinations across the globe, no matter how hard to reach. We’ve touched down in and taken off from more than 1,900 airports, so you can rely on us to take you wherever you need to go.

Enroll in a VistaJet membership today and book your private jet flight to Miami, Florida. We offer flexible solutions to all your flying needs. As a member, you will have the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want and enjoy first-rate service as you travel.

How much does a private jet flight from NYC to Miami cost?

The cost of private jet flights from New York to Miami or vice versa can vary. It depends on factors including your choice of aircraft, the number of passengers on board, and your booking method.

However, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of using our jets stay the same thanks to our extensive worldwide infrastructure and fixed hourly rates. Additionally, as a VistaJet member, you’ll face none of the depreciation or asset risk that comes with owning an aircraft.

Use our cost calculator to get an idea of the price of traveling on one of our private jets and experiencing the true value of a VistaJet membership first-hand.

Can I get Empty Leg private flights from NYC to Miami, Florida?

You can. Empty Leg flights ensure we make as few unoccupied journeys as possible. They form a part of the sustainability scheme through which we aim to reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

But that’s not all. If you’re able to depart at a set time, Empty Legs offer you an e

ven more cost-effective way to get a private jet flight from NYC to Miami or vice versa.

As a Direct member, you can receive notifications on the VistaJet app that give you access to Empty Leg journeys that cost up to 75% less than the standard travel rate.

Join the VistaJet community today

For an exceptional in-flight experience and unrestricted access to the four corners of the globe, become a VistaJet member today. As part of our global community, you'll enjoy all the benefits of a private aircraft without the responsibilities of owning one.

Our Program membership offers guaranteed availability to our fleet of jets with as little as 24 hours’ notice. You can build a membership that is tailored specifically to even your most detailed requirements.

Alternatively, if you require faster booking for short-notice trips, our Direct membership might be your better option. You will also receive preferential rates, access to Empty Leg journeys, and notifications on their availability near you.

Contact our membership liaisons to join the VistaJet community and book your private jet flights from New York to Miami today.

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