Private jet flights to/from Las Vegas and Fresno (LAS/FAT)

Experience unparalleled Fresno to Las Vegas flights on board one of our luxurious private jets. VistaJet’s onboard services team will ensure your comfort and convenience as they deliver a cabin experience like no other, tailored to your requests.

In just one hour, flights from Fresno to Las Vegas, or in the opposite direction, make light work of travel times. Reach your destination ready to get going with your plans.

Whether you are heading to Las Vegas for a weekend playing the tables or exploring Yosemite National Park from Fresno, enjoy an unrivaled, luxury flight with VistaJet.

Book private jet flights between Las Vegas and Fresno

Our fleet of over 70 private aircraft, including the new Global 7500, fly to 187 destinations worldwide, making it easier than ever to travel to well-known and hard-to-reach locations.

Our team of private aviation specialists have delivered industry-leading service to high-profile passengers, heads of state, corporate leaders, and private individuals the world over.

Book your next flights from Fresno to Las Vegas – or in the opposite direction – with ease. Our membership packages have been meticulously developed to provide you with the exact booking options you want.

Contact our team now to discuss your requirements and travel itinerary and enjoy the ultimate cabin experience, tailored to your requests.

The cost of private flights between Las Vegas and Fresno

At VistaJet, we have developed a range of convenient, efficient, and value-driven booking options that fit your travel and lifestyle requirements. Each booking possibility has been developed to deliver the world-class in-flight service you should expect from private air travel.

Book Fresno to Las Vegas flights, and vice versa, through the VistaJet app with our Direct membership package. Alternatively, with Program membership, you will only pay for the hours you are flying. Our cost calculator is available to assist you with comparing private aviation costs.

When you fly with us, you will also receive exclusive access to Private World, a portfolio of some of the world’s finest accommodations, with VistaJet member benefits.

Empty Leg flights between Las Vegas and Fresno

Empty Leg and One-Way flight bookings make booking last-minute flights from Las Vegas to Fresno an easy, value-focused way to fly.

As a VistaJet Direct member, you can sign up for Empty Leg notifications on routes you regularly use. Empty Leg flights could cost up to 75% less than standard fares, providing you with early access to availability when you need it and at a desirable rate.

Join the VistaJet community today

Gain unfettered access to our entire fleet of private jets and become a VistaJet Direct member today. Direct membership enables rapid booking and preferential flight rates through the VistaJet app.

Our Program membership provides all the convenience and benefits of personal jet ownership, without the tiresome burdens. As a Program member, you will enjoy guaranteed jet availability with as little as 24 hours’ notice globally, all with a fixed rate per hour.

Contact our membership liaison team today and one of our private aviation advisors will build a bespoke membership package to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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