Empty Leg Private Jet to/from Japan

VistaJet empty leg flights to Japan take you to the Land of the Rising Sun in style. Whatever your reason for traveling, our iconic silver and red fleet fly in, out and around this fascinating country on a regular basis. That means you can take advantage of repositioning flights at a fraction of the cost of a standard charter.

If you can be flexible with your start or end destination and departure timing, take an empty leg private jet to Japan to enjoy luxury travel for less.

Where can I go by empty leg to Japan?

Japan is accessible from almost any destination in the world and vice versa through our bespoke private services. We’ve taken passengers to as many as 187 countries and 1,900 airports.

With a private jet to or from Japan, you could enjoy a luxury trip to the historic Kyoto or fly back to your hometown in the U.S. Alternatively, fly domestic to your next destination within Japan.

Our empty leg schedules are always pre-defined and flight details are released close to departure, which means empty leg journeys are best suited to those who can be flexible. Stay informed of routes available near you by downloading the VistaJet app and setting up tailored notifications as a Direct Member.

How much does a private jet to Japan cost?

The cost of our standard and empty leg private charters depends on details such as journey distance, duration, aircraft type and the number of passengers.

Regardless of the finer points, you’ll save between 25-75% on the price of a standard private flight by selecting an empty leg to Japan. Rest assured there’ll be the same level of luxury, comfort and service on board as with our standard charters.

Booking your empty leg private jet to Japan

Do you want to enjoy the luxuries of private air travel at a more accessible price? If an empty leg private jet to Japan sounds right for you, find our latest offers and schedules through our website or the VistaJet app, or head to our FAQ page to learn more on empty leg travel.

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