Empty leg private jets in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate. The Reichstag. The Holocaust Memorial. Few cities in Europe have more recognizable and poignant landmarks than Germany’s capital. A walk around the city offers a glimpse into Berlin’s storied past, but also highlights cutting-edge architecture and an indomitable party spirit. From a professional standpoint, it remains one of the industrial capitals of Europe.

Whatever your business, or leisure, in Berlin, the silver and red of VistaJet can ensure you travel with a sense of luxurious efficiency. With an empty leg charter, you can do it for outstanding value, too.

I’m looking to take a private jet to Berlin – what are my options travelling in and out of the city?

We pride ourselves on four things – simplicity, reliability, efficiency and global reach. Where the latter is concerned, our global coverage now extends to 187 countries worldwide – or 96% of the globe. That means nowhere is out of reach when travelling into and out of Berlin.

Our empty leg opportunities arise in the repositioning flights that our fleet take to service our fully bespoke bookings. They are short-notice flights with a partially or fully predetermined flight path, made for passengers working to a flexible schedule.

Why would you want to choose an empty leg option? Well, you may see a flight from Berlin to London that works for you. Likewise, a flight into the city from Fort Lauderdale might make perfect sense. And considering empty legs typically cost 25-75% less than our standard bookings, it pays to take a flexible approach to flying with us.

How much would a private jet from Berlin cost?

We cannot give you an exact price until we know more about your chosen flight.

Where are you travelling to and from? How many passengers will be on board? What aircraft are you choosing? What services would you like once in the air? These are just a handful of factors that play a part in defining your costs. Our services are fully bespoke to you, whether you fly empty leg or otherwise, so we provide bespoke costs to suit.

Use the VistaJet app to access new empty leg private jet charters to and from Berlin.

If an empty leg private jet to or from Berlin works for you, download the VistaJet app, available on both the App Store and Google Play. Become a Direct Member to gain access to our full empty leg schedule and set up alerts for any routes of interest that get added.

With new routes appearing every day, our empty leg flights provide you the opportunity to enjoy the full VistaJet experience at a fraction of the cost. For more information on our services, visit our empty leg offers and FAQs section.

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