Private Jet Flight Attendant Jobs

Working as a private jet flight attendant is a role that combines traditional cabin crew skills with delivering a five-star service from before the flight departs to arrival at the chosen destination. It's an attractive career choice for those seeking to blend their VIP service expertise with global travel.

With so much to offer those working in private aviation, it's understandable that this is a competitive industry. For those searching for private jet flight attendant jobs, there are a lot of benefits to enjoy and experiences to encounter upon finding a role.

If you want to join the most experienced aviators in the industry, read on to find out how to become a flight attendant on VistaJet's private charters.

Why become a private jet flight attendant?

If you're considering applying for a role at a private airline, flight attendant jobs are a desirable option for many. This is because they allow experienced cabin hosts to diversify and move into the private aviation sector. As with traditional airlines, attendants deliver a high-end service to passengers. However, the skills developed in Business and First Class cabins on commercial flights are expanded upon in the private sector. Here, a five-star service is required to meet the expectations of VIP clients on board.

Some of the main reasons a cabin crew member may be searching for private flight attendant jobs include:

The compensation package is appealing and there is a clear path toward reaching the top salary offerings.

Travel and hotel expenses are covered, and you can expect a generous meal allowance too.

While you will have an understanding of the industry, a working knowledge of how to provide five-star service, and at least three years' cabin experience, ongoing training is key to becoming the best at what you do. At VistaJet, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive training to our new recruits. We also provide ongoing support for all our cabin hosts.

Private charters offer a very different travel opportunity to commercial flights. Here, you can expect to be in some of the world's most exclusive resorts, allowing you to explore far-flung destinations.


At VistaJet, we provide a full training course for our private jet flight attendants. Performance is monitored and reviewed in the early stages to ensure that clients are receiving the best service. Our training is provided by the British Butler Institute, MedAire, and Norland College. We also provide training in firefighting, communication skills, service excellence, food safety and hygiene, and advanced plating with a top chef.

It's expected that VistaJet passengers will enjoy unrivaled service wherever they are flying to. This is why only the best are chosen – whether they're part of the cabin crew or the pilot.

What VistaJet is looking for

We require a minimum of three years of corporate cabin crew experience. This is to ensure that those who successfully apply for private charter flight attendant jobs here are well-versed in what's required.

If applicants have experience working in five-star hotels or on luxury yachts, this is also desirable. This is because it provides a clear indication that applicants have the skill set to provide the highest levels of service to VIP clients.

Other requirements include:

We expect our cabin hosts to have first aid training and a full understanding of safety and emergency procedures.

Planning service on board is a requirement of any chartered flight, and we expect our flight attendants to have exceptional organizational skills. Cabin hosts must be able to work independently and as part of a team, communicating effectively with others.

For those searching for a role in this industry, it can be hugely beneficial to be bilingual or have a working knowledge of several languages. This opens up communication with clients and makes it possible to go above and beyond for them.

Paperwork and documents required include a valid passport, driving license, and medical reports to ensure you're safe to fly.

Search for private flight attendant jobs

To find out more about what a career as a cabin host entails, take a look at our guide. If you're searching for private jet flight attendant jobs, take a look at the current opportunities at VistaJet. We hire the best from around the world.

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