Private Jet Charter Flights to St Maarten

Whether you're traveling to St Maarten for some much-needed time on the beach or you have an important business contact to meet, you'll want to arrive feeling fresh and energized.

This is an easy objective to meet when you take a private charter flight to St Maarten with VistaJet. This global fleet can take you from almost anywhere in the world and offers you an unmatched level of comfort. Your personal cabin crew will work hard to make sure your expectations are fulfilled.

Learn more about our flights below and see why VistaJet is best for your private aviation requirements. Get in touch with our approachable, friendly team today to start booking your private jet to or from St Maarten.

Where can I fly into or near St Maarten?

Princess Juliana Airport

Clayton J. Lloyd Intl.

Gustaff III/St Jean

Grand Case

Saint Martin

Sights to see in St Maarten

Maho Beach

Orient Bay Beach

Mullet Bay Beach

Loterie Farm

Pinel Island

What events can I attend in St Maarten?

The Caribbean Carnival (February) - On the French side of the island, there's a vibrant carnival in February filled with color, costumes, and choreographed performances.

The Caribbean Carnival (April/May) - On the island's Dutch side, there's another eruption of color and party vibes just a few months down the line!

SXM Music Festival - Want to hit the dancefloor but outdoors, on a Caribbean island? This is your chance. This festival hosts some of the most talented international DJs and renowned electronic music artists.

St Maarten's Day - Every year on 11th November, the island comes alive with feasting, wine- tasting, and dancing. Bonfires and lanterns keep the party spirit alive all night.

St Maarten Heineken Regatta - The largest regatta in the Caribbean, this four-day sailing event attracts sailors from all over the world and over 20,000 spectators.

Can I book a private charter flight to St Maarten?

Certainly! So far, we've flown to more than 1,900 airports across 96% of the world's countries, so there aren't many places we don't go. And you'll be in capable hands with the VistaJet team. With more than 1,000 aviation specialists who speak 65 languages between them, they'll work hard to see that everything goes as it should. Just talk to a member of the team today to find out how we can build a personalized flight package for your journey.

How much does a private jet to St Maarten cost?

The total will depend on the type of jet you take, how long you need to spend in the sky, the number of passengers, and any specific cabin requirements you have. Taking all this into account, we still aim to ensure flights are competitively priced and offer exceptional comfort. It's worth looking into a VistaJet membership if you fly frequently and want to get the most value for money.

A quick way to see how our prices look is to use our cost calculator.

Can I get empty-leg flights to St Maarten?

Yes, you can. Empty-leg flights are one of the cleverest ways to save money on a private flight. When a client books a flight somewhere and we then need to travel to pick up a client somewhere else, we have an empty-leg flight available. You could save up to 75% by traveling on it!

This is just one of the great initiatives VistaJet has in place to adhere to our sustainability plan. We're aware of the impacts the aviation industry can have on the environment, and we want to do our bit to mitigate it. We're aiming to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Become a VistaJet member today

Do you want more flexibility and control over your travel? You don't need to own a private jet to achieve this. As a global aviation company with a laser beam focus on top-tier service and personalized flights, VistaJet can help you get all your boxes for travel ticked through one of our great membership options.

There are two main ones to choose from:

There's always the option to get a membership that's tailored personally to you, also. Get in touch today and one of us will walk you through the options.

To get a private charter to St Maarten or elsewhere in the world, VistaJet is the ideal solution.

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