Lease a Jet for the Perfect Honeymoon

Have you been looking into jet lease so that you can travel in style to your honeymoon destination? If so, it’s time to stop searching for commercial jet leasing companies, and instead come to VistaJet. And here’s why – with a fleet of over 70 distinctive, luxurious aircrafts that fly to almost every corner of the globe, we can transport you to the idyllic location of your choice for your honeymoon, saving you from paying out more than necessary. We are proud to make flying simple – our customers have access to an entire fleet, whilst paying only for the hours they need.

To ensure that you have the most unforgettable honeymoon, we’ve listed some other tips that could come in handy.

Plan it together

After all the wedding planning, your honeymoon will provide you with some much-needed relaxing quality time together. While one of you may be more than happy to take the lead, this getaway may be one of the biggest trips you have taken together so far, so it’s important that you both have an input. That way, you can plan things that you both enjoy and make amazing memories along the way.

Decide what type of getaway you would like

Are you hoping to relax on a beach for two weeks, doing nothing but sunbathing and sipping cocktails? Or perhaps hitting the slopes is something more suited to the two of you? Before deciding on your destination of choice, it’s worth considering what activities you may want to get up to when you’re there. Those of you that hope to browse chic shopping outlets while you’re away may prefer the likes of Paris or Milan, while others that plan to spend a couple of days diving may want to head to the Maldives or South Africa. There may be particular times of the year to avoid certain locations, so it’s worth taking that into consideration.

Take advantage of the luxurious little extras

While all of our private jets have consistent and identical cabins across the whole fleet – featuring buttery Italian leather for a comfortable home-away-from-home feel, Egyptian cotton bed linen and cashmere blankets – you can also choose what extras you’d like while you’re in the air. Dishes from some of the world’s most famous chefs feature on our seasonal a la carte menu, or take advantage of an incredible wine experience in the sky – what better way to start and end your honeymoon? At VistaJet, we are proud to offer an unrivalled, efficient, reliable service from an experienced team that will endeavor to take care of all your requirements.

Travel with VistaJet and you won’t have to worry about private jet lease costs. With us, you can enjoy all the benefits of a personal jet without the costs and responsibilities that come with owning an aircraft. Become a Direct Member today to gain global access and unparalleled service on our jets. For more information on our offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or request a quote – one of our dedicated team will be more than happy to help.

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