Jet Card

Would full-time access to private air travel make your professional or personal life easier? Jet card programs are a popular choice for those who demand convenience and comfort while on the move.

Like many, you could be sick of airport delays and in-flight disruptions. You may want the option to fly private whenever you choose − but without the cost and hassle of aircraft ownership.

Do those dilemmas sound like yours? Read about the advantages of a jet card below, how they compare to on-demand charters, and how jet card pricing works.

How jet card membership works

In short, a jet card offers you guaranteed access to private aircraft at short notice. With the best private jet card programs – like our Program membership – you’ll have the ability to fly globally as little as 24 hours after booking.

We charge a fixed hourly rate for the time you’re in the sky and nothing more. It’s an efficient solution for business leaders and individuals wanting to travel in style with ease.

Advantages of jet card programs

Smart flyers are turning to jet card membership for a whole host of reasons:

Jet card vs charter

You may be wondering how private jet card programs compare to chartering.

Perhaps the key difference is guaranteed availability and the freedom and control that comes with it. You’ll often need to be more flexible with dates and times with a charter.

Jet card costs can be more consistent too. You’ll only pay for the hours you fly, whereas charter pricing can vary on a flight-by-flight basis due to repositioning costs, crew wait time, and more. That said, your jet card membership price will come with an upfront cost as you usually pay to reserve a set amount of flight hours annually.

Start your jet card application

If you’re ready to move on to the next stage in your research, it’s worth comparing your options to find which one offers you the most value. Most private jet card prices cover an allocation of flight time based on factors such as your flight patterns, preferences, and the profile of your aircraft.

Our Program membership is an annual package tailored to your personal needs. Start building your Program through our website to see if it could be a valuable solution for you. You can also speak to our expert team to let them talk through your private travel options.

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