The perks of international private jet hire with VistaJet

Be it a business trip across the pond or a hard-earned holiday in the Caribbean, international private jet hire can make the experience that bit more comfortable. You won’t face the in-flight disruptions and lengthy wait times associated with commercial air travel. And with our truly global coverage and diverse range of flight experiences, the world is yours, exactly how you want it.

You can discover the perks of flying by private jet internationally with VistaJet below. Learn where you can travel to, what to expect while you’re in the air and the different ways to book.

Where can I fly to internationally?

In short, almost anywhere you can think of! VistaJet is the first and only global private aviation company. Whether you plan to network in Asia, immerse yourself in South America’s vibrant cultures, or lay back on the beaches of Europe, you can travel there in style.

Perhaps you hope to build your relationship with an important contact in Abu Dhabi? Or you wish to experience the sights, smells and sounds of Marrakech’s vibrant street markets.

Explore private jet rental on international routes with VistaJet whatever the purpose and destination of your venture. We’ve transported private individuals to 96% of the world’s countries, touching down at over 1,900 airports in the process.

What’s it like flying on a private jet internationally with VistaJet?

Our versatile fleet of over 70 aircraft features models tailored for short and long-haul journeys. The Global 7500 is our largest and longest-range option, offering 16 hours of flying without needing to stop and refuel. The Challenger line meanwhile is perfect for shorter hops across the US border.

Inside, all our cabins are designed to ensure your international private jet experience meets your needs. Sit back and snooze in plush leather seats or turn to our high-end entertainment systems or onboard library to switch off from the outside world. There’s even fun to be had for little ones and furry friends with our Adventures in the Sky and VistaPet programs.

Do you need to rent a private jet for international business? Our fully enabled business suites offer all the facilities you need to focus on your work or collaborate with your colleagues on the ground seamlessly.

Whatever your in-flight plans, we want to make sure you touch down feeling refreshed. You can enjoy a seasonal a la carte menu curated by some of the world’s best chefs, all eaten with the finest silverware, crockery and table linens. We also offer an innovative wine program, built around wines that are handpicked for their superior performance at altitude.

Different ways you can fly international on a private jet

There are several ways to fly privately with VistaJet. Each method offers a viable and welcome alternative to the cost of aircraft ownership and hassle of commercial travel.

Our Program membership solution is designed to offer you maximum convenience and consistency of service with a tailored allocation of flight hours. You can enjoy guaranteed availability on our international private jet hire with as little as 24 hours’ notice. Unlike standard chartering, you’ll only pay for the hours you’re in the sky.

Another great option is to become a Direct member. This way you can still make fast bookings and access preferential international private jet charter rates, as well as accessing discounted empty leg flight opportunities. You can also manage your flight requests, history and credit through our mobile app.

Wherever in the world you’ve set your sights, flying by private jet is the ultimate way to arrive. Find your perfect international travel solution with VistaJet.

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