How to stay calm and avoid CEO burnout

Leadership roles can be stressful compared to other professional positions. It’s important to take time to be caring towards yourself, understand where the stress is coming from, and unwind properly so that you can detach from these problems. There are plenty of ways that you can unwind from your daily CEO stresses.

Get the right amount of sleep

Having enough sleep will help fuel you for your work ahead and reduce any chance of lethargy throughout the day. However, the sleep that you get must be of good quality.

It’s important to understand how much rest your body needs per day and to stick to this timeframe as best you can.

Good ways to introduce a positive night’s sleep include turning off your mobile devices at least an hour before bed, having a regular exercise routine, not eating shortly before you go to sleep, and sticking with similar bedtimes each day.

If you wake up with aches and pains after your sleep, you might want to invest in a custom Posturepedic mattress specifically designed to support your body along with memory foam pillows to support your neck and head.

Electric black-out blinds are great for those who struggle to sleep when it’s not completely dark outside. Remember to sync your blinds with your alarm so that you can wake up to natural daylight and start your day right.

Eat clean and healthy

Having a bad diet can contribute to you feeling run down, sluggish, and irritated.

Make sure that you’re having plenty of water to help keep you awake and alert, along with a balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables. Clean eating helps flush your body of any toxins, reduces fatigue, and can also help to combat any illnesses such as colds and flus.

Remember to still include your carbohydrates, as these will provide you with slow-burning energy throughout the day and keep you powering on until your next meal. It’s also important to get your ‘5 A Day’ – you can make this interesting by adding fruit to your morning meal or opting to snack on something healthier than you normally might. Try not to fill your lunch with too many sugary treats, as you’ll begin to crash in the afternoon and feel even more exhausted.

If you’re unsure where to start or would like some advice to help stick to a meal plan, you could also consider hiring a dietician to help devise some meal ideas that would be beneficial to your lifestyle and personally tailored to you.

Meal plan subscription services are also great for businesspeople on-the-go as you can get exactly what you need delivered to your door, ready to cook at your convenience.

Delegate some of your responsibilities

If you expect to have a particularly busy period at work or will be taking some time off soon and need to make sure your workload is in safe hands, you could try delegating some of your responsibilities to other directors or senior management teams.

This will help free up some time for you to focus on your own wellbeing and further reduce the possibility of leadership burnout.

Look at your schedule and prioritize certain tasks. Those with lower priority can likely be picked up by others. If you find yourself working until the late hours picking up never-ending admin, this could be something that could be taken care of elsewhere.

Once you’ve revised your schedule and deducted all of the tasks that are menial, you’ll be able to spend this time on the more important things such as taking the company from strength to strength, for example by planning new and exciting marketing strategies.

Take a restorative vacation

Every CEO will need a break from their incredibly demanding job from time to time to avoid leadership burnout.

It’s important that you allow yourself these breaks and don’t feel guilty for taking them. After all, once you’ve had some time to reflect and rejuvenate, you’ll re-join your team with a fresh mindset and be ready to get back to giving it your all.

Why not take a luxury vacation to somewhere exotic? Pick up a new hobby to take your mind off work stresses, or even just treat yourself to a well-earned decadent spa break complete with delicious food and drinks. You’ve earned it!

Going abroad give you the chance to experience something different and new while leaving all your daily responsibilities at home. It’s a great way to break out of the mundanity of a typical workday and take some much-needed time to discover yourself.

What’s better, flying with a luxury travel provider like us takes all the stress out of organizing your journey. You can simply sit back with a glass of your favorite drink and watch the world go by knowing that you’re in our capable hands for a five-star service from start to finish.

Jet away and avoid CEO burnout

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We travel to 1,900 airports in 96% of the world’s countries, and with bookings to fly on your personal jet in as little as 24 hours you can be indulging in sweet relaxation sooner than you’d think.

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