Grandmother’s Soup

VistaJet Moments

Soup Story

Sometimes, the oldest cures are the best.

When one of our flight crew noticed that a regular passenger was feeling under the weather, she went back to her hotel room that night and cooked up the homemade soup that her grandmother had made for her whenever she felt ill. On the return leg of the trip, our crew member served the restorative soup to the passenger — who loved it so much that he requested it every time he flew, from that moment on.

There was just one small problem, though: the soup wasn’t on our menus, and the recipe — which had been passed down by word of mouth through the generations — had never been written down. So the crew member taught all of her colleagues how to cook it as well — just in case she wasn’t there the next time the passenger felt less than one hundred percent. Now, all our crew are grandmothers — even if they’re not.

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