Travel tips: The most motivational podcasts to listen to while flying

If you are the kind of traveler who likes to use their travel time productively, why not take advantage of your time in the air and listen to a motivational podcast or two? Whether you are looking for personal growth, business inspiration, or motivational leadership thoughts, there is a podcast out there to suit your tastes.

We know how important it is to make the most of your free time, especially when traveling for business. That is why we have rounded up some of the best motivational and inspirational podcasts around to help you use your time on board wisely.

For personal inspiration

Take time for yourself during your flight and listen to some inspirational podcasts that focus on personal growth. We have selected a cross-section of the top-rated and brand-new podcasts out there for personal inspiration.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Former First Lady and best-selling author Michelle Obama initially launched her podcast, The Michelle Obama Podcast, exclusively through Spotify. Season one of the acclaimed show has now been released across all podcast platforms, making it more accessible for fans to listen to Mrs. Obama’s stirring and informative conversations.

This podcast aims to explore the relationships that shape people into who they are. Guests have included Conan O’Brien, Valerie Jarret, Craig and Marian Robinson (Michelle’s brother and mother), and President Barack Obama. Listen in awe as Michelle and her guests engage in candid conversation about marriage, parenthood, citizenship, and so much more.

Super Soul Conversations

Featuring audio from Oprah Winfrey’s Emmy award-winning television series of the same name, Super Soul Conversations aims to unpack life’s biggest questions and help us understand ourselves a little better along the way.

Guests include Malala Yousafzai, Gloria Steinem, and Malcom Gladwell, making it one of the best motivational podcasts around. It is available on all major podcast streaming networks and has been downloaded over 23 million times since its launch.

The Tim Ferris Show

With his unique lens on business and living life, Time Ferris’s podcast bridges the gap between business and personal growth. The best-selling author of The 4-Hour Work Week aims to deconstruct world-class performers and leaders from a range of industries on The Tim Ferris Show.

Through interviews and solo episodes, Tim Ferris adds his unique point of view on a range of topics and turns them into tools his listeners can use in their everyday life. With in-depth insight, and almost 600 million downloads, this truly is one of the best motivational podcasts ever.

For business and leadership

Heading out of town on business and want to represent your organization well? Get yourself ready for those critical meetings and presentations with our selection of motivational podcasts for business and leadership.

Dare to Lead

Renowned researcher and best-selling author Brené Brown has been busy on the podcast front of late. Her inspirational podcast Unlocking Us focuses on personal growth and development, while the aptly named Dare to Lead seeks to help industry leaders run their businesses with heart, integrity, and unashamed openness.

Taking its name from her best-selling book, Dare to Lead is a mix of solo episodes and conversations with industry-leading change-catalysts who innovate, create, and build a better, more just world through daring leadership.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Deep diving into some of the planet’s coolest companies, NPR host Guy Raz talks to innovative entrepreneurs and daring leaders about how they built game-changing companies. If you are looking for some serous career motivation, this is the inspirational podcast for you.

Weaving narratives about movements that shook industries and the innovators that spearheaded them, How I Built This is an unmissable podcast for any idealist who wants to change the world.

Science of success

In this weekly podcast, host Mat Bodnar aims to meld science and psychology to get you thinking about your potential. The massively motivational podcast hopes to teach its listeners new ways of engaging with their success and become the best version of themselves.

Previous guests on Science of Success range from neuropsychologists and entrepreneurs to mindfulness experts and FBI negotiators.

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