How to develop a growth mindset

How does your internal monologue work? Do your beliefs help you to grow, or do they stop you from achieving new things? How do you inhabit what you consider to be your personality?

Crucial for modern leaders, a ‘growth mindset’ is based on the principle that intelligence can be developed by embracing challenge, learning from setbacks and seeking inspiration in others. If you want to know more, we define growth mindset below, and explore activities you can undertake to change the way you think.

What is growth mindset?

‘Growth mindset’ has become an exceptionally common buzzword in many huge businesses. The concept was developed by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, who carried out major research into the power of an individual’s beliefs. Both Dweck and her colleagues wanted to explore students’ attitudes about failure, and as a result, they realized that some students were able to make a positive comeback, while others were upset by even the smallest setback. From there, she coined the phrases ‘fixed mindset’ and ‘growth mindset’ to describe the underlying beliefs that individuals have about intelligence and learning abilities.

Fixed versus growth mindset

The mind is extremely powerful. Some individuals constantly criticize themselves, shy away from things with a negative attitude, and seek the approval of others. They tell themselves that their character and talents are innate gifts that can’t be changed in any meaningful way. This means that they have a ‘fixed mindset’, which can prevent self-development.

If someone has a ‘growth mindset’, on the other hand, it means that they explore and appreciate their strengths, work on improving their weaknesses, and continue to develop. They try to maximize their potential, and learn from criticism, rather than ignore it.

How to develop a growth mindset

If you think that you were born with a fixed set of skills that will stay with you forever, you’ve adopted a ‘fixed mindset’. If, on the other hand, you believe you can expand your knowledge and talents, then you are someone with a ‘growth mindset’. If you’re a businessperson with a desire to succeed, there’s no doubt that you’re always ready for the next challenge, despite the risk. There are always opportunities to grow further, though.

If you tend to shy away from a challenge for fear of failure, you may want to learn more about how to develop a growth mindset. It can be overwhelming initially, but if you try to acknowledge and embrace imperfection, replace negative thoughts with positive ones, become truly authentic, turn criticism around, face your challenges head-on, be realistic and value the process, you can successfully change your perspective.

Growth mindset activities for adults

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