How to utilize your time while traveling on a business jet plane

If you are an experienced business traveler, you’ll be used to spending many hours a month high up in the air. You’ll probably also know – and follow – many travel tips: pack the essentials only, keep a backup of your important documents, stay hydrated. But do you know how to best utilize your time while you’re on a business jet plane? For some recommendations on how to make the most of your time in the sky, read on.

Complete any outstanding work

Traveling by business jet plane takes working in the air to the next level. With VistaJet’s fully equipped, extremely comfortable business suite, you’ve essentially got a boardroom in the sky. Our buttery Italian leather seats make for a plush home-away-from-home feel, so while you’re in these surroundings, it’s a good idea to make the most of your time and straighten up any spreadsheets or tweak the proposals that need finishing. Rarely do you have hours on end without phone calls or texts to disrupt you, so why not create a rock-solid plan to attack your to-do list? It’ll certainly help to while away the time.

Catch up on your emails

Have you got any upcoming changes to your diary? Or perhaps you have been meaning to send feedback to one of your colleagues for a little while now? Get on top of your inbox when you are flying from A to B and reply to any necessary emails. That way, once you’ve landed in your next location, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Get some well-deserved rest

We all deserve some time to relax, and you’re no different – even if you are flying for business and have tasks to complete. Once you have got all the necessities out the way, revel in the peace that being up in the air brings you. On board a business jet plane with the likes of VistaJet, you can expect the ultimate cabin experience. Not only can you enjoy an unparalleled service, but you can also take advantage of our private dining selection when you want a bite to eat, as well as our feather-down duvets, Egyptian cotton bed linen and cashmere blankets when you want to close your eyes and rest.

There’s no need to go in search of business planes for sale when you can choose to travel with us instead. With VistaJet, you can enjoy all the benefits of a personal jet without the costs and responsibilities that come with owning an aircraft.

To make sure you receive the best regular updates on our flights on board a business jet plane, download the VistaJet app. You can become a Direct Member, which means you’ll be the first to get alerts about flights that might interest you. If you’d like more information on our offerings, feel free to get in touch with us or request a quote and you’ll soon be soaring in stunning surroundings. 

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