Five travel Instagram accounts to check out before you check in

Vacations aren’t just a chance to relax and recuperate from our busy lives. They can be big business, too.

Travel is Instagram’s most popular topic and National Geographic is the platform’s most-followed brand – so it’s clear to see how many of us use the app to get a window to the wider world.

On the face of it, becoming a travel influencer is easy – jump on a flight and take your cellphone, right? Well, maybe it’s not so simple. You need to be a flexible traveler and have the passion to see corners of the world that others might not dare go. Vistajet can get you there. With over 96% global coverage, we can connect you to almost anywhere in the world you want to go.

So, if you want to make it big on the Gram, or simply want to head somewhere to take some amazing pictures, here are five of the best travel Instagram accounts.

For those who like the sun

We can all admit that there’s no better feeling than stepping off of that jet and feeling the hot sun beaming down on your skin.

If you’re feeling beach body ready and are eager to top up your tan in somewhere warm, professional photographer Nicole Franzen has an account filled with stunning scenery.

Whatever your passion, this account covers all destinations from the stunningly secluded Andros Apartments in Greece to the unparalleled views from the beaches of Bermuda. And with some food and interior inspiration thrown in for good measure, this is a feed that will enthrall.

For those who keep it cool

Not a fan of the heat? Why not try Alaska? The state tourism office’s account is a match for the bravest of bloggers.

This stunning place is like something out of a story book with its idyllic scenery, snow-covered peaks and awesome wildlife. This is a picture-perfect destination thanks to its spectacular backdrops and glorious vast open spaces.

Explore Alaska via the skies on a helicopter ride and marvel at the enormity of Mount Redoubt, a 10,197-foot stratovolcano. This destination is even a perfect spot for popping the big question to your loved one underneath views of the breath-taking auroras.

For the lone wanderers

Solo travelling can be a daunting at first, but once you’re out there it’s a liberating experience and provides you with much needed alone time to get to know yourself.

Whether you prefer relaxing by the pool at a glamourous all-inclusive resort or you would rather be out and about soaking up the atmosphere, be sure to do your research!

With a plethora of enviable photos, informative blog style photo descriptions, tips for your journey including what to do and what not to do, @hey_ciara is great for satisfying that wanderlust when riding solo.

Whilst trekking across the globe to different far and wide destinations on her own, Ciara came up with this dream guide for lone travelers, jampacked with honest opinions and her own travel experiences to help you understand what to expect.

For those who seek adventure

Abseiling addicts and jet ski junkies, this one is for you!

If nothing gets your heart racing more than diving off cliffs, jumping out of planes or swimming with sharks (gulp), then Chris Burkard's feed contains no end to the locations and activities that you could be doing to get the blood pumping.

Test your scouting skills whilst camping on the islands of Kamchatka, Russia or take the plunge with an ice-cold dip in Iceland.

For city staycations

Whether you’re taking on the luxury shopping trip of a lifetime in Milan or feeling the sand on your toes closer to home in Venice Beach, LA, @girlgoneabroad features beautiful photos taken from all over the world.

For those wanting to take their Instagram profile to the next level with jaw-dropping pictures that your followers will envy, here you’ll find all of the best locations to get snap happy all year round.

Insta-worthy travel with Vistajet

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