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How to fly safe

As the world works to respond to the evolving situation of COVID-19, VistaJet is committed to working with our customers and community.

Customers are taking comfort in our heightened standards on aircraft cleaning, security, flexibility of travel and privacy, which are not guaranteed by any other type of transport during times of instability.

To safeguard passengers and crew, and to ensure continuity of service, we have taken additional steps along with partners to further strengthen safety and security procedures every day.

Our guide to COVID-19

1. Partner with a reputable company

With tens of companies offering flights and private jet memberships, it’s critical to book from a reputable company. Research how long they’ve been operating and ask for legal registration documents, such as:

  • United States: FAA Air Carrier Certificate (which shows FAA approval for commercial flight use and safety standards) and D085 (an FAA listing that defines which aircraft can legally be used for private jet charter services).

  • Europe: EASA Certification testifies that an aircraft meets the rigorous safety requirements set by the European Union.

  • China: Air Operator Certificate by CAAC: provides the basis for CAAC to regulate the activities of an operator and it is the means by which an air operator is authorised to conduct commercial air transport operations./p>

2. Ask about safety standards

Before selecting a private aviation company, ensure safety is their top priority. Ask about the company’s safety rating, the aircraft’s safety management system, as well as a background on pilot experience and total hours flown. These standards should be clearly stated and available for you.

3. Be aware of COVID-19 protocols

A thorough commitment to safety is more important now than ever. Aviation companies should provide upfront communication on specific sterilization methods, if they’re offering passenger screenings, what onboard medical services are offered and details on emergency protocols.

4. Aircraft availability for immediate travel

To ensure that the company can get you an aircraft when you need it, ask about the company's network, fleet size and guaranteed availability of aircrafts outside typical booking deadlines, to be covered for any emergency travel needs.

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