VistaJet partners with the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team

Continuing to support the team’s travel through shared values of speed, excellence, passion and innovation

Ahead of the first race in Bahrain, VistaJet announces a fourth year as Scuderia Ferrari’s partner, helping the team to enjoy a safe and seamless flying experience as they travel around the world to compete in the 2022 Formula One season.

With the ever-demanding race calendar and often only days between Grands Prix, the team faces challenging timelines. In a sport where speed and efficiency are fundamental, VistaJet will support Ferrari in its global competition and optimize their travel and transfer times, allowing them to further utilize time off track to arrive in optimum condition.

Having raced competitively with Ferrari for many years and as an official driver in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), VistaJet’s Founder and Chairman Thomas Flohr knows the demands of racing and the intense focus required to perform under such pressure.

“Racing has been a passion of mine for many years. Alongside my team, I have experienced first-hand the demands of racing and the intense focus required to consistently deliver a winning performance. I am incredibly proud to continue our partnership with the most iconic and successful racing team in the world for a fourth year. Innovation, technology and a focus on efficiency are values we share with them. VistaJet will continue to provide the Ferrari team with seamless travel, to ensure their focus is on what is important — the competition and performance on track. I am excited to see what the 2022 season holds for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, and the whole Ferrari team. Forza Ferrari!”

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman, Vista

VistaJet places the utmost importance on service and operational excellence. On its branded and consistent fleet of over 80 super-midsize, long-range and ultra-long-range aircraft, VistaJet has completed over 220,000 flights globally, safely flying over 540,000 passengers to more than 1,900 airports worldwide.

VistaJet for Scuderia Ferrari

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