Adventures in the sky

The most extensive travelers' program designed especially for children at high altitude

Extraordinary experiences tailored to your child's age and interests that combine world-class hospitality with unique entertainment and educational elements.

Surprise Reunion  

The Suprise Reunion

Astonishing adventures to bring friends and families together from every corner of the globe. Whether on a little-known sandy island in the Pacific Ocean or a stunning mountain with untouched snow as far as the eye can see, gatherings will be completely unique and original.

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Surprise Reunion  

Alice in the sky

Down the rabbit hole and into a magical world that will have your child grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Once on board, boys and girls can get into costume and will be guided through the Alice in Wonderland story by one of our trained entertainers.

For the duration of their flight, children will have the chance to play games and try themed crafts and activities tailored to their age and interests. From hosting their own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, through to flamingo croquet with hedgehogs as balls, and the Contrariwise game, where everything is done back-to-front and the wrong way around. For those with a creative flair, crafts can include teacup decorating, giant pocket watch creations, card soldier making and build-your-own Kaleidoscope workshops. As a truly personalized offering, we will make their time with us an experience like no other.

Movie Video  

Movies in the sky

For those aspiring young actors and actresses, what better opportunity than to call ‘action’ and star in their very own movie.

Working with our entertainers across the whole process – with lots of fun along the way – children can act out their favorite blockbuster, or bring new creative ideas to life.

The Secret Mission  

The secret mission

As in the best classic spy movies, recruits have the chance to train as a secret service agent and solve an international criminal operation, all in a day’s work.

They will be guided by a sharply dressed in-flight ‘spy chief'; who will provide briefcases with cryptography kits, spy gadgets and a Kingsman-inspired training program.

Surprise Reunion  

Adventure Packs

VistaJet has created a series of activity packs. Explorer Backpacks, personalized to the individual child’s age and their travel destination, are designed to be used both on board and for days afterwards. For the whole family, personalized Activity Hampers will be prepared, full of activities to create together.

In collaboration with illustrator Alexandra Ball, VistaJet has also created a series of six sticker books. Children can follow protagonists Miloh and Scarlet on adventures from popular cities, destinations and journeys to fantasy lands.

Sharkey and George  

Sharky & George

Collaborating with renowned entertainers Sharky & George has allowed us to turn our cabins into playrooms and party venues, where fantasy can become reality.

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