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Renowned for its consistency, VistaJet's distinctive silver and red fleet is equipped for all needs — whether you need a fully enabled business suite or a restful home away from home space.

VistaJet Global 7500

Global 7500

VistaJet unlocks the world with the first Global 7500 fleet, the largest and longest-range business jet.

The Global 7500 offers four true living spaces, including a full-size kitchen and a permanent bedroom.

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Private jet cabin 

The Cabin Concept

Inspired by the new Global 7500, VistaJet is bringing the new design concept to every aircraft in the fleet. This evolution enhances the reassuring sense of familiarity that clients expect each time they step on board their aircraft.

Developed by the VistaJet design team, the cabin concept is intentionally universal — and translates seamlessly across the globe.

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VistaJet offers flexible, investment-free solutions to suit your flying requirements. VistaJet offers its Members access to a consistent and branded fleet of super-midsize, long-range and super-long-range aircraft with unparalleled service.

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