A world for all

Is your pet ready to fly?

With one in four Members flying with their pet, the VistaPet program supports you and your loyal companion with everything you need to know for global travel.

From travel bags and sleep mats to balanced menus, travel advice and fear of flight courses, your pet can expect the same excellent support as you.

We have created a helpful guide to flying with your pet. Read more by filling in the form below.

Pet Ready

The most comfortable journey with a pet starts with a simplified booking service, continues with a happy and uneventful flight, and ends at a pet friendly destination.

VistaPet Pochette

On board every flight, passengers will receive a VistaPet Pochette - a travel bag containing items to take care of your pet during and after your flight.

A Balanced Menu

All VistaJet Program Members can request a dedicated menu to keep their pet hydrated and healthy.

A Safe and Soft Cabin

The safety of your pet is of the utmost importance. Flying regulations require that animals are kept on their leash or in their travel cage during take-off, landing and any turbulence. Guide dogs are exempt from this requirement.

For the fearful ones

Flying with a scared pet can transform a perfect flight into a very long one.

To ensure all passengers enjoy their flight, VistaJet can arrange fear of flying courses for dogs, in partnership with The Dog House.

Pet destinations

The VistaPet program makes traveling with your pet seamless, even at destination.

The simplest way to book

The simplest way to fly with a pet starts with a call to your customer service team. Depending on where you are flying to and from, we may ask you to provide us with some information about the pets that will accompany you on your travels.