Remote Holiday Destinations

Hawaii, the Maldives, the Caribbean and Mexico shall each be regarded as a Remote Holiday Destination.

For flights to and / or from a Remote Holiday Destination during Peak Periods, as defined below, VistaJet shall charge a 10% premium by increasing the Flight Hours charged by 10%. For the avoidance of doubt, this premium can apply in conjunction with the application of an Interchange Aircraft Rate and/or the Supplemental Hourly Rate. For the avoidance of doubt, (a) Minimum Booking Periods and (b) Peak Days provisions shall each be applicable to such flights

Peak Periods (also known as “Holiday Periods”) are:
The period starting 20 December and ending on 15 January
Easter Weekend (Good Friday – Easter Monday inclusive)
Orthodox Easter (Friday – Monday inclusive)

Peak Periods may be varied by VistaJet on 30 days written notice.

Flights originating or terminating in a Remote Holiday Destination will be subject to the landing/handling fees charged to VistaJet for each take off and landing.

Flights utilising the Challenger 350 Aircraft (or, where applicable, Interchange Aircraft) that originates and/or terminates in a Remote Holiday Destination shall be deemed to have a minimum duration of two (2) Flight Hours.