2018 Peak Days

United States Region

1st until 3rd January

Super Bowl*

President’s Day*


Memorial Day*

3rd until 8th July

Labor Day*

Columbus Day*

21st until 26th November

21st until 31st December

European Region

1st until 3rd January


1st August

Fridays and Sundays during August

25th and 26th December

Middle East Region

6th July until 9th July

6th August until 11th August

10th and 15th October

Asia Pacific Region

1st and 2nd January

30th and 31st January

1st, 5th and 14th February

4th and 6th April

1st, 2nd and 4th June

1st and 2nd August

6th until 8th September

30th September

1st and 7th October

* Includes Friday through Monday