Fractional Jet Ownership

Gain the benefits of private air travel, without the cost and complexity of full ownership, with fractional jet ownership. VistaJet offers flights to over 96% of the world – 187 countries in total – via efficient, class-leading aircraft known for their reliability, punctuality, and quality.

Get in touch today and discuss your private jet requirements with our expert team or explore our Program membership and VJ25 options. Read on to learn more about what sets fractional jet ownership apart from other modes of private travel.

What is fractional jet ownership?

Fractional jet ownership involves owning a share of an aircraft which translates to a set number of hours available to travel in it per year. For the price, owners receive a fraction of usage typically expressed in 8ths, 16ths, or 32nds. If the aircraft has a maximum of 1,000 hours flight time available each year, for instance, these would translate to 125, 65.5, or 31.25 hours, respectively.

Jets are operated by a provider which handles all aspects of running the aircraft and organizing its usage and itinerary between fraction owners. Owners can book their flights via an online platform or concierge at a few hours' notice – backup aircraft are typically available if multiple owners wish to book on a certain date.

The cost of fractional jet ownership covers not just the price of the aircraft itself, but fuel, crew costs, maintenance, storage, and more. On top of an initial fee, maintenance costs and operating fees are also typically levied to owners when they use their aircraft.

What are the benefits of fractional jet ownership?

Flying fractional can offer a range of benefits over business or first-class airline travel, and full ownership.

Reduced overall cost – Compared to purchasing a plane outright and paying for crew, maintenance, and so forth, fractional jet owners pay less for what may be the same amount of flight time. This is particularly true with single-leg journeys since the owner doesn't need to pay for fuel and maintenance covering the empty leg trip.

Less complexity – The administration of owning an aircraft is typically much more complicated compared to fractional forms of ownership.

Flexible schedules – Flying with a fractional jet company allows users to pick the flight time and date of their choosing, often within a few hours or days' notice. Business and first-class travellers, on the other hand, must organize their schedule around that of the airline.

More destinations – Due to the size of the jets offered by fractional jet ownership schemes, many more destinations can be flown to, reducing journey times both on the ground and overall.

Greater familiarity – Fractional jet ownership ensures the owners of the jet can use the same aircraft and crew multiple times. This is a more familiar and therefore more relaxed and comfortable method of travel than commercial airlines.

Faster boarding – With no queues, calmer, and more luxurious lounges, and quicker security checks, fractional private jet ownership offers easier boarding than commercial flights.

Improved comfort – Private jets typically offer more cabin space per passenger, are pressurised to a more comfortable level, and offer a much more enjoyable and exclusive range of food and drink than commercial airlines.

Better service – Private air travel service is attentive and personalized to the needs of the fractional owner, providing a clear improvement on business or first class.

How much does fractional jet ownership cost?

Fractional jet ownership is significantly cheaper than owning a jet outright. Providing a figure is complex though as the cost is dependent on a host of factors. This includes the type of aircraft being offered, the size of the share, distance flown, level of service, and much more.

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What aircraft can be fractionally owned?

The aircraft available for fractional ownership depends on the provider. At VistaJet, the fleet of available aircraft affords both intercontinental and international journeys in the utmost comfort and class:

Continental range: Designed for short-haul journeys, the Challenger 350, 605, and 850 aircraft are large and spacious enough to provide a great in-flight experience, but small enough to land at all manner of regional airports.

Global range: For the long haul, the fleet of Global 5000, 6000, and 7500 aircraft are comfortable and quiet, accommodating a larger number of passengers in luxurious cabins.

Why choose VistaJet?

For nearly two decades we've made it our mission to revolutionize private air travel. Our simple and reliable approach ensures you get from A to B in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

Our focus on providing the best in quality, comfort, and service guarantees you'll have an excellent journey – whether you're heading on holiday with the family or travelling for business.

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