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Invest where
it counts

Aircraft can depreciate 10% every year.

This cost is only measurable when you sell your aircraft and can add $20,000 to every hour you fly.

With the VistaJet Program you only pay for the hours you fly, avoiding hidden costs including depreciation.

Invest in your business, not in aircraft.

*Based on a Global 6000 flying 250 hours a year and depreciating at 10% per annum. Direct Operating Costs estimated at $8,000 per flight hour.

Diversify your

Aircraft are in maintenance for 45 days a year on average.

Avoid a situation where you are unable to fly. The VistaJet Program provides access to over 80 aircraft with as little as 24 hours notice. For corporations that already own an aircraft, VistaJet can offer supplemental lift.

by nature

Your aircraft tail number could be recognised, allowing anyone to track your movements.

Travel discreetly without unwanted attention on the only consistently designed fleet in private aviation.

Your business
is global

1,900 airports, 187 countries, 96% of the world.

VistaJet can support your business with the largest service area in business aviation – Europe, North America, Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific and India.

The VistaJet Program is supported by over 1,000 aviation professionals including your dedicated Customer Experience Manager.

Make flying

Supporting your every need from booking to arrival.

Our 24/7 multilingual Member Service Team will arrange your flight, car services, healthy private dining, full in flight connectivity and fast-tracked security for up to 14 guests.

For special occasions and bespoke requests there is our dedicated Private World team.

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