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Los Angeles to Hong Kong

The day of a CEO

One phone call to your Customer Experience Manager locks in the flight ahead of your afternoon meeting in Hong Kong tomorrow.

5am Los Angeles

Pick up

VistaJet arranges for electric cars to pick you and your team up from the Hotel Bel Air.

5:30am Los Angeles

Arrive at The Private Suite, LAX

You are met by your Captain, fast tracked through security and welcomed on board your aircraft by your dedicated VistaJet Cabin Hostess

6am Los Angeles

Depart on a Global 7500

Your Executive Assistant receives live movement reports from VistaJet Operations to keep them up to date on your departure.

6:30am Los Angeles / 10:30pm Hong Kong

A healthy start

Your Cabin Hostess, trained by the British Butler Institute, serves a selection of seasonal sliced fruit, natural yogurt and freshly made eggs, alongside your preferred Jing Tea infusion.

7am Los Angeles / 11pm Hong Kong

Personalized library

A chance to catch up on the day’s headlines from a library of your preferred newspapers and books.

7:30am Los Angeles / 11:30pm Hong Kong


Finalize the deal strategy with the team ahead of tomorrow’s meeting.

8:30am Los Angeles / 12:30am+1 Hong Kong

The fastest in-flight Wi-Fi

Remotely join your Board meeting in Los Angeles.

9:30am Los Angeles / 1:30am+1 Hong Kong

Michelin-inspired menu

Enjoy a perfect meal in the six-seat dining space, ahead of preparing for the 8h time difference in Hong Kong.

11am Los Angeles / 3am+1 Hong Kong

Private stateroom

Retire to your private stateroom, complete with permanent queen-sized bed, to rest ahead of next day’s meeting.

6pm Los Angeles / 10am+1 Hong Kong

Final meeting preparation

Revived, join the team for a light breakfast, then gather for a final run through of meeting notes.

12:38pm+1 Hong Kong

Touch down

As your Global 7500 lands in Hong Kong, you are met by your security team on arrival, on hand to avoid any delay on the ground.

1pm+1 Hong Kong

Helicopter partners

Avoid the traffic by helicopter after your private passport screening.

1:15pm+1 Hong Kong

Suite and gym

Land on the helipad of your hotel. Join a personal training session and refresh in your Deluxe Harbor View Suite before being transported to your meeting.

With a distance of 7,234 miles (11,642 km) most business aircraft would require a fuel stop over this route. The VistaJet Global 7500 will complete the route in just over 14 and a half hours, four hours faster than the next fastest jet available on the market today. Of course your corporation could acquire its own Global 7500, however depreciation could cost you over $400,000 between Los Angeles and Hong Kong*. With the VistaJet Program your company will only pay for the hours flown with fully forecastable costs.

*Based on depreciation of 10% per annum, average business jet utilisation of 250 hours per annum and a purchase price of $73,000,000 [Source: Robb Report] and a flight time of 14 hours 30 minutes.