VistaJet Honoured at Hurun Research Institute’s ‘Best of the Best’ Awards


VistaJet voted Business Jet Operator Star Performer

VistaJet, the first and only global aviation company, received the Business Jet Operator Star Performer accolade for the second time at the Hurun Research Institute’s “Best of the Best” awards in Shanghai. The awards are based on the results of the Hurun Report Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2017. This is the thirteenth consecutive year Hurun Research has produced a report on the brand preferences, consumption habits and lifestyle trends of China’s wealthiest individuals; considered a benchmark for the luxury sector.

To select the winners, Hurun Research Institute visited 449 of the most influential high net worth individuals in China, who voted based on their personal experiences. Each of the voters has assets of over CNY 10 million, and has travelled by private jet previously. The aviation entrants were judged against a broad range of metrics including customer service, global coverage, and in-flight experience.

VistaJet has seen strong growth both globally and in Asia in recent years. It has increased the size of its fleet from 32 aircraft in 2013 to 71 today, and the company now regularly serves over 90% of the globe. The company saw triple digit growth in flights from Europe and the US to Asia in the first half of 2016, with Greater China proving particularly popular.

VistaJet is committed to offering the highest in-flight standards in the industry. That means more than just providing the space and convenience of a private aircraft. Everything in the journey can be personalised, from the temperature of the cabin to the dining experience, the cocktail menu to the in-flight entertainment. Every aircraft comes with a complete office suite, custom fitted Skysleeper mattresses and cashmere blankets, as well as a cabin crew trained by the British Butler Institute to welcome customers on board.

One of the key factors that differentiates VistaJet from its competitors in Asia is its unique business model, which gives customers an unrivalled level of flexibility. Customers only pay for the hours they are in the air, there are no positioning fees, and no asset risk. Because the company has invested to grow its fleet, it can offer something no one else in the market can, a truly global service that is consistently best in class.

China is an incredibly important market for us, so we are proud to have received the Business Jet Operator Star Performer accolade for the second time at Hurun Research Institute’s Best of the Best Awards.

We know that consistency of service is important in Asia. That is why we have invested in our fleet and service, so that not only do all our aircraft look and feel the same, but we can also offer the same high service levels, regardless of whether a customer is flying from Shanghai to London, or New York to Tokyo. That’s something our competitors can’t match.

VistaJet Chairman and Founder, Thomas Flohr

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