VistaJet and Fabergé celebrate spring

Fabergé, contemporary master jeweller, is partnering with VistaJet, the world’s luxury aviation company, on a special project in celebration of Spring and Easter. Together they have commissioned Turner Prize nominated artist Ian Davenport to create an exclusive design for the tail of one of VistaJet’s flagship aircraft – the Global 6000.

To launch this project, VistaJet customers will be able to purchase a limited edition collection of Fabergé Fine Jewellery egg pendants in the cabin this Spring.

Katharina Flohr, Fabergé’s Creative and Managing Director, worked with the British contemporary artist Ian Davenport on the concept of the artwork. The design reflects on the guilloché enamel pattern that Fabergé applied to the Imperial Easter Eggs. The organic shape and outburst of colour is encapsulated in the shape of the egg and portrays a contemporary vision of Fabergé today.

“Fabergé designed the most extraordinary bejewelled creations for the Tsars, the nobility and the international globetrotters of his time. He was the first artist jeweller known and Fabergé masterpieces have become part of history as collectible works of art.

Katharina Flohr

Fabergé has always and will forever be inextricably linked to art and design.

This project with VistaJet offers discerning customers and collectors of fine objects an introduction to the world of Fabergé today in an understated luxurious environment.

Ian Davenport’s egg-shaped design, with its organic waves of colour, echoes the guilloché enamel patterns of the Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs. This design blends heritage and modernity which perfectly reflects our contemporary vision of Fabergé today”.

“Contemporary luxury is a core element of the VistaJet brand. I am excited that this celebration with Fabergé offers our customers the choice to explore their fine jewellery egg pendants from the relaxing comfort of the cabin.”

VistaJet Founder and Chairman, Thomas Flohr

“When I was contacted by Fabergé about the project I was excited to be working with a company of such reputation and heritage. Peter Carl Fabergé had made beautiful Easter Eggs for the Romanov Tsars and he often used an engraving technique that I wanted to translate into a twenty-first century context. There were numerous challenges to overcome especially considering the scale and shape of the aircraft and how this might relate to the artwork. The VistaJet Global 6000’s tail had to incorporate my own artistic vision and Fabergé’s identity whilst still being a unique strong design in its own right.”

Ian Davenport

Exclusive to VistaJet, the exuberant collection of exquisite fine egg pendants comes in a repertoire of different designs in gold, coloured gemstones and enamel, reflecting Fabergé’s legendary artistry and craftsmanship. The designs are available on-board from USD 7,900.


About Fabergé

Fabergé, contemporary master jeweler, is synonymous with consummate artistry and craftsmanship. The enthralling story of Fabergé began in 1842 and is inextricably linked to the lives and loves of the Imperial Romanov family. Peter Carl Fabergé became official jeweler and goldsmith to the famed Russian Imperial Court, creating exquisite jewels and objects, including the legendary series of lavish and ingenious Imperial Easter Eggs. In 1917, the Russian Revolution brought an end not only to the Romanov dynasty but also to the House of Fabergé. Bridging three centuries, the Fabergé legacy remains imbued with romance, sensuality and intrigue linked to the mysterious loss of many iconic Fabergé works of art. Fabergé was re-launched in fall 2009 and today, Fabergé creates extraordinary jeweled masterpieces for a new generation of devotees. Contemporary Fabergé designs harness the finest craftsmanship, precious materials and innovation to capture the artistry, wit and essence of its heritage. Each High Jewellery creation is unique and one-of-a-kind, destined to be passed from generation to generation. The recently launched Fine Jewellery collections include new interpretations of iconic Fabergé designs in a contemporary vision and design sophistication. Fabergé offers High and Fine Jewellery collections as well as Timepieces and Men’s Accessories with prices starting from a few thousand US dollars. The collections are available at Fabergé flagship boutiques in New York, London and Geneva as well as at concessions within Harrods in London, Lane Crawford IFC in Hong Kong and other exclusive retailers. Selected items are also available via Fabergé’s online boutique at www.faberge.com.

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