VistaJet and APEX Air team to Offer Domestic Flights in China

First China registered aircraft, a Challenger 850, now at Apex Air’s base in Nantong.

VistaJet, the global leader in premium long-range private jet travel, announced that Apex Air, a Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) authorized business jet operator will manage and operate a China based fleet of aircraft for VistaJet’s Flight Solution Program. VistaJet is poised to offer point-to-point service within China as soon as third quarter 2015 with the first Chinese registered aircraft, a Challenger 850. Chinese customers will also have access to VistaJet’s fleet of over 50 large-cabin, long-range aircraft when travelling on international flights.

“VistaJet has been operating international flights in and out of China for many years. Adding domestic flights through our partnership with Apex Air extends our service area to include one of private aviation’s most exciting new markets,China is an important growth market for VistaJet and we expect it to be among the fastest growing regions for our product offering over the next few years. We are already seeing demand for our domestic service which is scheduled to begin in next months,”

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman, VistaJet.

“VistaJet’s cooperative partnership with Apex Air is key to growing our business in the region. Their management team are aviation pioneers in China, having accumulated years of first hand experience running commercial operations in the country. They share VistaJet’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for excellence. We are delighted to share this achievement with Apex Air, who have been integral in helping us become the first global private aviation company to offer large-cabin business aircraft for operation in China,”

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman, VistaJet.

“The entire team at Apex Air is proud to celebrate this milestone with VistaJet. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to delivering a seamless VistaJet flight experience to customers in China. We look forward to providing the highest level of service and attention to detail that VistaJet passengers enjoy worldwide,”
Mr. Dan Ho, Chairman of Apex Air.

About Apex Air:

Established in July 2014, Apex Air is a Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) authorized A-category CCAR-135 business jet operator, mainly engaged in business flights, charter, flight rental, air tours and flying clubs. Apex has a solid strength in airline hosting with Nantong, Jiangsu Province as its main operating bases, targeted to the customers mainly in North region, Yangtze River Delta region and Pearl River Delta region of China. Apex Air owns a private MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) specializing in maintenance of general aviation and business aircraft. The maintenance support and facilities ensure all flight operations in China run smoothly.

The company’s flight instructors have decades of experience operating various aircraft types on international and regional routes. All dispatchers are dispatch license holders authorized by the CAAC, with years of experience in flight planning and ground handling services.

维思达公务机(VistaJet)联手尊翔公务航空(Apex Air) 提供中国境内点对点航班


全球优质、业内领先的远程公务机运营商——维思达公务机(VistaJet)宣布经中国民航局授权的公务机运营商尊翔公务航空(Apex Air)有限公司将管理和运营维思达公务机飞行会员计划中的在华机队。维思达公务机与尊翔公务航空合作通过第一架在华注册飞机——庞巴迪1 挑战者850 1 公务机,为中国市场提供国内点对点服务 。中国客户也可以乘坐维思达公务机旗下50多架大型远程庞巴迪挑战者和环球系列公务机体验国际飞行。

“维思达公务机已在中国境内外运营国际航班许多年了。与尊翔公务航空合作增加在中国国内点对点的航班将拓展我们的服务区域,让我们将私人航空业最令人激动的新兴市场之一涵盖在内,”维思达公务机创始人兼主席Thomas Flohr说道,“对于维思达公务机而言,中国是一个非常重要的成长型市场。它将成为我们在未来几年所提供服务增速最快的市场之一。我们已看到中国市场对我们服务的强烈需求,这一中国境内点对点的服务将在未来几个月启动,”Flohr先生继续说道。



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