About Us

Since 2004, VistaJet has revolutionised business aviation by 
pioneering a new way to fly: customers have access
to over 70 aircraft around the globe, while only paying for the 
hours they need. VistaJet have flown to over 1,800 airports 
across 96% of the world's countries, making it the first and only 
global business aviation company.

What we do

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VistaJet is founded by Thomas Flohr, with a fleet of two aircraft.


The innovative new Program, the world's first hourly subscription in business aviation, is launched. The fleet grows to seven aircraft.


Fleet expansion accelerates, reaching 19 aircraft. VistaJet establishes its presence in Asia.


Historic aircraft order of $7.8 billion placed to advance the fleet globally


The company enters the US market with Global 5000 aircraft operated by Jet Aviation under the VistaJet brand
The European and US fleet reaches 45 aircraft


VistaJet celebrates its 10th anniversary
The first Challenger 350s commence operation


Launch of the Art of Flying, published by Assouline


The fleet grows to over 70 super-midsize and long range Challenger and Global aircraft


VistaJet surpasses 100.000 flights
We Chat and App launch
VistaJet signs deal with Rhone Capital, valuing the business at 2.65 billion
VistaJet registers a record of flying over 50.000 passengers in 2017 alone


VistaJet partners with Christie?s for The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller, the most significant philanthropic auction ever presented

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