Birthday cake

family outside a VistaJet celebrating with a birthday cake

You can’t have your cake and eat it, they say. But you just might be able to dispose of your cake and have it. When a client boarded a US-bound flight with a beautiful birthday cake from his son’s favorite patisserie, our team was only too delighted to pop it in the fridge. Until, that is, they realized that US custom laws ban any fresh food item from being brought into the country — and that the cake itself would have to be thrown away.

Needless to say, the crew couldn’t bear to think of their client’s son missing out on his own birthday cake. And so they enlisted VistaJet’s private dining team to track down a specialist baker in Los Angeles who could create a near-identical dulce de leche cake — and deliver it to the airport, just before the flight arrived. The last-minute task was no piece of cake, of course, but the look on the client’s face when he landed was certainly sweet enough.

“He left smiling from ear to ear,” one of our cabin crew remembers. “And I was just delighted that he was happy and he had something to give to his son.”