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VistaJet Members get access to the world's most incredible bespoke experiences through our global network of specially selected partners and advisors.

VistaJet Members get access to the world's most incredible bespoke experiences through our global network of specially selected partners and advisors.


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VistaJet Private World 

Private World

Private World is hospitality in its truest sense, providing every Member with the benefits of an integrated team ready to support at any step — whether traveling for work, exploring or relaxing.

A portfolio of the world’s finest accommodations and partners — our favorite suites, residences, ski lodges, yachts, private islands and exceptional estates, with a focus on privacy and personalized service.





Learn from the best and experience exclusive masterclasses from the world leaders in the wine industry. Golden Vines Florence 2022 will bring together the world’s best winemakers and domaines to compete in Italy on October 15th.

At the 16th Century Baroque palace Palazzo Capponi, Gabriele Gorelli MW, Italy’s first Master of Wine will discuss his wine expertise with special guests. That is just one of many fascinating masterclasses to experience in the heart of Italy — a captivating Dom Pérignon masterclass with Vincent Chaperon, the Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon, will be followed by Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, Hennessy’s Cellar Master, who will impress with a Hennessey cognac masterclass. VistaJet Members will also have the opportunity to get their own cellar curated by Golden Vines founder Lewis Chester, to ensure the wine experience does not stop.

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Discover privately the depths of Picasso through several world-class museums, private collections, and places not accessible to the public. See the great artist through the eyes of fellow artists, art collectors, and those who were closest to him — including his family. This bespoke three-week trip across France and Spain will give you the ultimate access to Picasso’s legacy surrounded by luxury. Spend a week at the sea sailing on a yacht and stay in signature five-star suites in Paris, Antibes, and Madrid.

The Beyond Picasso experience is a handcrafted work of art, a magical experience designed for each traveler. Start in Paris, to delve into the years Picasso lived in the French capital, then venture towards the Mediterranean coastline of his beloved French Riviera. Barcelona will be the next stop, to explore the young Picasso’s blue period, before visiting Malaga and finishing in Madrid. Throughout, incredible gastronomic and leisure experiences will take place, while discovering the secrets of the art world like never before.

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Explore the land of superlatives with Eyos

The earth’s largest island is also the least densely populated country and contains the world’s largest and most northerly national park. VistaJet Members can embark on this incredible journey of discovery by expedition yacht, aboard the Nansen Explorer — experiencing every aspect of this vast wilderness.

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VistaJet Private World Namibia


Desert adventures with wilderness safaris

Explore the desert with revered scientist Dr. Conrad Brain. VistaJet Members will start at the Little Kulala desert retreat, before venturing to the Skeleton Coast UNESCO World Heritage site.

The last stop is Serra Cafema, one of the most remote camps in southern Africa. Highlights include respectful interaction with neighboring semi-nomadic Himba villagers, boating, and guided explorations into the surrounding desert.

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VistaJet Private World Jamaica


Cut your own album with Guest

VistaJet Members can dial into a unique energy in this musical powerhouse while transforming their creative dreams into the reality of their own album with local or internationally renowned producers and musical artists in support.

A 360-degree view of the mountains, the Caribbean Sea and a surrounding palette of lush vegetation provide idyllic creative conditions with this Jamaican Eden as the ultimate backdrop.

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Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Reconnect to nature through wellness with Kisawa

Immerse into morning sunrise yoga and meditation on the sand dunes of Kisawa Sanctuary — a luxury island property nestled within 300 hectares of pristine coastal beachfront in Mozambique. A team of dedicated chefs will prepare breakfast under canopy, using fresh, organic produce from the Sanctuary’s wild permaculture garden, overlooking the inland Crocodile Lake.

VistaJet Members can continue to enjoy a day of specialized wellness rituals, including a Japanese infra-red sauna and Ayurvedic massage at the dedicated Natural Wellness Center. To give thanks to nature, finish the day with beach “glamping” at Ponta Mustita, enjoying an open fire and lantern-lit shoreline.

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VistaJet Private World 


A submarine treasure hunt with Pelorus

Dive to the depths of the Great Bahama Bank — an idyllic area characterized by its stunning coral reefs. VistaJet Members can partake in conservation efforts, researching sharks, whales, and other marine life as they explore aboard a submarine.

Younger guests can race to find pirate treasures in this fun and educational adventure, offering an exclusive and never-before-seen experience that will appeal to all the family.

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Let us connect you to VistaJet partners

We can connect VistaJet Members to our exclusive black book of partners, hotels, residences, private islands, yachts, and ski destinations around the world — to help you feel at home anywhere across all continents. For more information on how we can work together to make your journey unique and memorable please contact us.

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In an industry where speed and efficiency are fundamental, VistaJet is supporting Scuderia Ferrari with travel between races throughout the 2023 Formula 1 season.

VistaJet Members can request access to the races and live the competition as a part of the team.

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VistaJet for Golf


VistaJet has ramped up its services to provide the ultimate golf experience — so our Members can focus on getting a perfect par, or better. Listen to Jon’s advice and get ready to fly to the most incredible golf trips.

VistaJet for Golf

VistaJet Art 



80% of VistaJet Members are collectors and many share their passion for the arts by lending artworks to the most prominent museums around the world, as well as supporting their growth through patronage and donations.

Enjoy patron-only views of collections across the world’s most prominent galleries, from Getty in Los Angeles to Moca in Shanghai and the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi or let us connect you to our trusted partners for advice on collecting and art services.

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Your passion is our passion

VistaJet works with partners globally to curate exclusive experiences for its Members. For more information on our partnerships or to find out how VistaJet's Private World could enhance your Program membership please contact us.

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The VistaPet program ensures that loyal companions receive the same excellent support as their owners.

Your Private World includes a vetted collection of the very best pet-friendly properties around the globe — to ensure traveling with pets is seamless, even at your destination.

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Wine in the sky

VistaJet Members enjoy bespoke access and personal introductions to the world’s best winemakers and wine clubs. Request round-the-world wine itineraries and personal tours of the finest vineyards and wine regions, as well as access to wine auctions and events with fine wine traders and collectors. Or simply travel the world with tasting advice both prior to flight and at destination, to discover wines and vineyards in any region you are visiting.

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Adventure in the skies

Adventures in the sky

Astonishing adventures to bring friends and families together from every corner of the globe.

Whether on a little-known sandy island in the Pacific Ocean or a stunning mountain with untouched snow as far as the eye can see, gatherings will be completely unique and original.

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In-flight partners

Every flight is unique. That is why we work with our partners to create tailored and enjoyable memories every time you are with us. For more information on how we can work together to make every VistaJet flight unique please contact us.

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