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Your fleet, your solution

Truly global coverage and a versatile fleet means the right aircraft for every flight — short or long haul.

VistaJet offers its Members global access and unparalleled service onboard a consistent branded fleet. The iconic silver and red fleet is equipped for all needs — whether you need a fully enabled business suite or a restful space. With VistaJet, you know exactly what will be waiting for you on the tarmac, no matter where you are flying from.

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The fastest WiFi in the sky

The fastest WI-FI in the sky

Introducing LuxStream, the industry-leading connectivity solution.

With broadband speeds that rival those found on the ground, enjoy the productivity of a smooth and seamless transition from land to air.

Experience 24/7 digital connectivity in-flight, with the ability to simultaneously stream Ultra HD content while having access to your full suite of connected devices. This unique service offers the highest in-flight bandwidth, with up to 25 Mbps in the United States and 15 Mbps globally.

Range leaders

Request the perfect aircraft for your flight, every time. With experience arranging flights to 96% of the world and a fleet including the record breaking Global 7500, VistaJet is the first and only truly global aviation company.

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Why become a corporate member?

No limit

Fly as much as you need. Access 187 countries on VistaJet's fleet.


Your meeting is overrunning? With Corporate Membership you can depart two hours either side of your booked flight time.

Double fly

Board members flying on the same day? You can request two aircraft with guaranteed availability.

Standing by

Request an additional aircraft, whether your flight is planned with VistaJet or on your own fleet.

Pay in arrears

You can pay for flights in arrears and also access a preferential hourly rate when paying in advance.

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Sustainability in aviation

Meet your sustainability goals

We are committed to making aviation better.

VistaJet has selected emission reduction projects of exceptional quality, adhering to the highest environmental standards and holding additional certifications. VistaJet also partners with SkyNRG, a pioneer and global leader in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), to be the first to provide global access to SAF in business aviation. Among other product and service innovations, VistaJet invests in AI technology for optimized fleet management. The VistaJet sustainability program and approach will also serve as a blueprint for all other companies in the Vista group and its key partners.

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VistaJet offers flexible, investment-free solutions to suit your flying requirements. VistaJet offers its Members access to a consistent and branded fleet of super-midsize, long-range and super-long-range aircraft with unparalled service.

We will address you as fullname here. Should you prefer to be addressed differently please click here.